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How to Wear Ripped Denims with More Style- Part 2

The ragged, ripped and torn denims have been discussed in the first post, where we told you on how the new trend can be worn with style. Check more ideas that make your own version of denim more cool and effective for the entire year.

Oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters: With the fall in mind, oversized sweaters are easily the most happening thing to pair with ripped denims. This is one style that doesn’t need you to try hard, but all you need is the right sweater and a shirt to show the colours. The cool quotient is beyond measure for sure!

A pair of sneakers

A pair of sneakers: If you want to look like one of the chic girls with an impeccable sense of carefree styling, take your ripped denims and fold it twice around the ankle. The next thing you will need is a pair of sneakers, something like you have loved in college, and the killing appeal will surprise many.

With a leather item

With a leather item: Complete your ripped denims for the season with leather for the top. There are those tops and coats that can add fun to any denim colour, and most of the online stores should offer something worthy. If you don’t support leather, don’t worry as the faux options are equally good and happening.

Your favourite black blazer

Your favourite black blazer: The black blazer is like that fall essential you never want to let go. The simplest and probably the safest way to style denims that are torn and create the boho look, is to add a nice blazer. There are many colours, but we are picking black because it works for most occasions, and you can even create something that can be worn informally at the workplace.

Fun with a casual white tee

Fun with a casual white tee: Just like your black blazer, white tees are classics and you can never have enough of the looks you can sport with them. With the distressed denims, the white tee creates a good balance that brings subtlety to the denim design and makes it more chic. If you always thought white tee is for the summer, you have some reasons to think otherwise this fall.

Experiment with layering

Experiment with layering: Layering your ripped denims can be risky and experimental, mainly because even the smallest wrong item can take it all down. In the simplest way, you can add a tee and complete it with a blazer, and for the extremes, you can just tie your sweater around the waist. Keep the accessories to minimal and you will love the appeal from T to T. For the fall, you can even try a scarf or a fur item around the neck for creating a new appeal.

If you have been looking for ripped denims that can be worth styling with the ideas above, you will find some cool options on the web. Other than that, designing your denims as a project can be all about few innovative cuts and a blade. Essentially both ways will be fun, as long as you rotate the look!

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