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How To Wear Lace Dresses With Ease?

In the recent conversations and posts, we have talked about how lace has become the staple for most designers for spring summer collections 2014. We loved the way Elie Saab came up with floor length gowns or how Stella McCartney came up with amazing lace designs. However, how you can bring the charm of closet in your looks? Here’s a list of some amazing choice of outfit ideas that would help you make the most of the trend that’s making rounds.

Lace Dress

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  • Pair with contrasting textures: One of the good things about lace is its softness, something that makes the fabric so fresh. When you choose to pair lace with contrasting fabrics such as denims or more block fabrics, the outcome is quite stunner. Idea: Pick up a good lace dress that touches the area above the knee and find the textured denim jacket in the cropped style to match the dress. The look is just more than awesome.
  • Opt for fresh colours: The best thing for spring is the choice of colours. If it is about laces, we saw how blue and red were seen at some of the collections, but the colours seem too bright, you would have more choices. Remember how much we talked about pastels being the favourite colour palette of the season? Yes, you can pick a lace dress that comes in fresh pastel shades, such as rose, pink or sky blue. Some colours essentially look more casual, while some are formal. It all depends on the kind of comfort level you share with the colour picks for each place.
  • Pick the right quality: Lace has an amazing feature- it’s easy to choose in terms of fabrics. Yes, some of the lace fabrics are too light and work perfectly for the casual days, but when you need some gorgeous and more on the party side, you need heavy lace. Lace that comes in thicker fabrics are always considered to be worthy of the being worn to the heaviest occasions and even for red carpet events.
  • Pick short skirts and dresses: The beauty of lace comes when you wear short dresses, may be skirts and mini dresses in a single colour. Prints in laces aren’t odd, but unlike the loveliness of a single colour cannot be compared with anything else. Adding a bit of sheer clothing would add to the value of the design of lace, but again, you have to ensure that the lines of decency aren’t crossed. Lace dresses in simple cuts with little flares can look pretty enough for a date or even when you are ready for the bunch.

Whether you have heavy lace design or a simple dress with some lace element, this is something worth trying for the season. Spring colours are more on the softer side this time, and with designs suggesting on white and black being staples, you know there are primary colours too. Make sure you choose the right accessories, including chokers in pearls, statement necklaces and earrings!

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