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How to Wear Gold in the Fall of 2014-2015?

Back in one of our posts on Fall Winter 2014-2015, we have mentioned and talked about how gold is easily one of the best trends of the season. We have seen them at some of the best designer collections, and needless to mention, it will pass on to the streets and on the racks of the brand stores soon. While there is no denying that the trend demands attention the runways, it might not be easy for anyone and everyone to carry off the brightness to the regular days. Here are some ways to wear the Gold Trend of 2014-2015 in style.

Goldmine_Chloe, Prada, Saint Laurent

Know your own limits!

The first thing that Vogue did to mention on the trend was to name it “Goldmine”. The trend seemed to flourish from one designer to another in a quite seamless way, but we insist you decide on the amount of ‘gold’ you can deal with. At the first place, there is something we saw at Saint Laurent, which was more like the button down shirt with the buckle and everything else that defined for an awe-inspiring look. Where you will wear it is still a question for sure, but you can keep such an item for being the party rocker.

Balance it well!

One of the other ways to wear the gold style is to get it as a part of the outfit. Seen at Chloé was this one piece item that seemed to have the elements of a tunic and yet covered the trend in the most balanced way. Easily among the likeable and more practical items that you would find in the stores, this is something you can have a brush with. Make sure that you look for the right ensemble, which may mean matching the shoes and accessories.

Understand your needs

The gold trend for Fall Winter 2014-2015 had multiple interpretations. While the images from Dolce & Gabbana and Rodarte aren’t available for now, we know the trend worked there as well. What is interesting is to see the way most designers have used gold. There was a time when the best of gold elements came with a tint, like that of rose of even mixed gold and silver. However, this time gold comes much in its raw form, giving that extra edge in the look for sure. How you want to wear gold is your choice, but if outfits aren’t your options, there are choices in shoes that you may want to try. Alternatively, those gold cuffs for the hands, much in the broader style is also worth the attention.

At Prada, we saw a jacket that was worth a million bucks in gold, but with black trims as and when needed. If you still haven’t figured out your style, check the brand collections and take hints from what the designers already have in store for you. After all, a unique take at each of the trends of the fall is what every fashionista is accepted to do this season!

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