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How to Wear Emerald Green for Outfits with Flair?

Most of us like the jewel tones, and nothing beats the beauty of emerald green! Being an epitome of rebirth and nature, the shade is one of the best you can have, no matter what the occasion may be. In our new series, where we will talk of colours every season, we focus this time on the stunning shades and style options of emerald green. Regardless of the season and trends, this is one colour that never fails a true fashionista.

Why emerald green is the ideal choice: Among the first things that strike the mind is the popularity of the shade. Few seasons back in the fall and winter, there were more than a few known and celebrated brands and designers who seemed to focus on various shades of green. While the dark shades are more of the fall and winter, there are brighter hues that can be great for the summers and springs.

What look to follow: Unlike many of the block shades, except for black and white, there are only a few colours that work as beautifully as emerald green. There are two ways of starting out with emerald green. The first thing is to go for an out and out one tone look, where everything from the outfit to the shoes and accessories, all are in same shade of green you have opted for. Another idea is to choose a complementing colour. While there is no strict rule, but it is best to look for shades that don’t scale down the subtle shade of green. The best choices come in the form of bright red and electric blue. Even after being extremely bright colours, they don’t bring down the beauty of green.

Emerald Green Total Look


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Emerald Green Accessories

Emerald Green Look

Emerald Green Mixed LookWhat to look in accessories: If you are wearing something in white, including beige and shades of cream, you can look on for the accessories in emerald green. The main idea is to keep the look balanced, while there is no contrasting or confusion in the basic shade or look. The choices in accessories can be as varied as it can get, starting out from the large statement necklaces to the larger dangler style earrings, there are plenty to choose.

What to look in shoes: Emerald green shoes look best in stilettos and wedges, when the focus is on the colour. Probably, many might argue that this is not a colour that can go with every look, but emerald green is one of the few colours that work for all kinds of occasions. Of course, there is a need to balance, but without any particular embellishments and extreme designs, you can wear such shaded shoes for most places.

Casual and official, emerald green is a colour for all kinds of looks. From wearing a complete part wear gown for the red carpet to wearing a finely designed suit for the office, this is certainly one of the best shades. At the end of the day, you would want to retain the quintessential feminine beauty, and this colour brings the same out with ease!

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