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How to Style the Sweater for the Spring? – Part 1

Keeping aside the winters, it’s almost time to welcome the spring, and we have enlisted enough on the spring trends. With all that left for choice, we also have the readymade knits and sweaters that come quite handy for the spring when the skin show isn’t on the peak. The simple one coloured or check sweater can be open to a number of different styles, and we have started this post only to bring the best ideas to add some glamour to the old school item.

Play it relaxed

Play it relaxed: There are days when we like to deck up and look all good, and some days are just too lazy. For the latter, team your favourite sweater with a nicely matched loose pair of trousers. For some crispness to the entire appeal, just wear your sneakers, possibly in white. For a day or two in the week, doing things in an easy and laid back style can be quite an idea.

Go by the other elements

Go by the other elements: When you don’t want the sweater to take the attention, the best choice is to look for the other things that can play classic. From a designer clutch in a pretty colour to a pair of strappy sandals, anything can be good enough to shift the focus. With the right colour and blend of different accessories, and that can also mean a statement necklace, or a pair of danglers.

Choose the casual trench coat

Choose the casual trench coat: When the sweater you own is not worth an item to be used for the day time, a trench coat can come to the rescue. The trench coat is going to be huge for pre-fall 2015, and if you don’t own one yet, it’s time to buy the right colour as the spring and pre-fall will be all about coats, and the longer you choose the better. Make sure you don’t use too many accessories with trench coat and sweater.

Stay cool with monochrome looks

Stay cool with monochrome looks: Monochromatic colours are extremely pleasurable, and with the sweater and a skirt, you don’t have to try hard. Look for the colours that are more spring like, such as pink, blue and shades of pastels. Pastels are an easy palette to the eyes, and since last year, we know the trend has been spotted both on and off the runways. One colour shades can be easy to match when you don’t look for extreme accessorizing.

Add a bright skirt

Add a bright skirt: A mini skirt in any of the popup colours you like can be the perfect thing to blend with the classic sweater you own. Spring isn’t essentially the time when you can bare it all, but at the same time, full woollen look is not worth checking for. For the skirt to look peppier and the sweater to have the zing, complete the look with a pair of sneakers or your favourite sports shoes.

Get started with the sweater for spring, because we know styling doesn’t have to be just about high end designer clothes all the time. We have more in next part of the series!

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