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How to Shed Pounds with the Right Dressing Ideas?

There are women who don’t look their best often, more because of their dressing woes to say the least. Dressing is like an art, which only a true fashionista can master. Just having expensive clothes and investing in the latest runway trends doesn’t help either. Adding to the problems can be a weight problem or just a few unwanted pounds that often bring down the entire appeal. We bring you some quick hacks that can help in losing those extra portions of fat visually by simply changing a few things in your overall look.

Dressing Ideas

Consider push-up bra: You don’t need to be above 30 to wear a push-up bra as often conceived. Our bosoms can get in the sagging more for a few other reasons as well, and one of the main attributes is weight gain. Underwear has a huge effect on the overall way you look, so if you are wearing a lose bra, it makes you waist look bigger and the body look aged. Bras with support remain the best choice, and if you are on the plus side, a minimizing bra should also wonders. The right bra, best when underwired, lifts the breasts and adds to a leaner appeal.

Don’t break the flow: Colours and prints need extra care for looking slimmer. While everyone might tell you black should the ideal closet favourite, don’t listen to them! The first thing you want to avoid is breaking the body into coloured portions. So, instead of wearing horizontal prints, go for one coloured looks or vertical stripes, which can add visual length to the look. Also, you don’t really need to shy away from colour. As stated, one coloured and monochromatic looks can be quite good as long as you are not getting into dresses that are of a size smaller than yours, which is our next point!

Wear your size: Wearing clothes that are smaller than your size isn’t making you look good. Instead, you are simply getting attention at all the wrong places. The other mistake is equally unforgiving where women tend to wear clothes that are oversized and baggy. The best way to look lean and slim at all times is to wear fitted clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose. Always go for readymade clothing that can be altered, and get a few tailored suits for your workplace.

Don’t shy from skinny denims: Skinny denims are fun and you don’t always need to be lean to wear them. Get a pair of skinny denims, cut just around the ankles, and you can match it with high heels or even platforms for looking taller, and eventually slimmer. However, don’t go for cutting lengths shorter or close to the calves because that might make the legs look shorter. Pair your skinny jeans with a nice crisp white top and you will love the look for its sheer simplicity.

In the next part, we talk of more ways to look lean by dressing smarter and simpler!


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