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How to Revamp Your Summer Clothing Pieces for Fall!

Fall is officially here in many parts of the world! It is time to put on those dark burgundy lips, get yourself a pumpkin spice latte and glow up your house with cinnamon fragranced candles. Since summer has already gone, you can still use your summer pieces throughout winters. If you are confused on how to use your summer clothing pieces for this season, here are some pro style tips that will help you out: –

Keep those shorts
Keep those shorts – Who said you cannot wear shorts during the fall season? We know it will be cold, but you can always pair it up with stockings, a cute sweater and a long duster. You can also go the casual way and wear your shorts with a basic warm tee plus hoodies. Depending on how cold the day is, you can add accessories like mufflers and beanies to finish out your attire. No matter what shorts you wore during summer, add them to your fall outfits!

Wrap the romper
Wrap the romper – Don’t wrap it and keep it inside for the next summer season but wrap around some scarves or add a touch of fall into those short rompers. A long duster coat, thigh high boots and your romper is all you need this season. You can go as high as you want with the boots depending on how cold it gets. You can also include stockings and a bomber jacket along with sneakers to make your attire casual chic. We all have enjoyed our time wearing rompers during the summer, but then again, who can say no to rompers throughout the year?

That off-shoulder swag
That off-shoulder swag – Don’t pack your absolute favourite off-shoulder top just yet. Trust us; you can layer it in several ways and create an unexpected attire. Amp up your style by adding boots and wrap a scarf around your neck to transform that off-shoulder top! You can also use your off-shoulder top with a full dungaree or heavy jumpsuit that you have in your collection which is meant for winter. Sleeveless winter jumpsuits go well with off-shoulder tops.

The raw cropped jeans

The raw cropped jeans – Summer was all about ankle length jeans and crop tops! You can keep your crop tops on one side of your closet but don’t keep those jeans away. These slouchy ankle-length jeans will work wonders with sweaters and oversized knitwear. You can accessorise it with a statement neckpiece and a belt. You can also tuck it in and wear it in a formal way.

Slip dresses for life
Slip dresses for life – Who said slip dresses are not meant for fall? Like you wore them with crop tops and thin tees or without any inners, you can wear it with a sweater or a bomber jacket for fall. Add some boots, a bulky bag and a long jacket to make your summer slip dress look fantastic. Don’t forget burgundy lips!

We are sure these 5 tips made your summer to fall wardrobe transition easier than ever!

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