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How to Make the Pantsuit Look Better than Ever?

Work, as they say, is inevitable. While we love to style at work, there are those days when you have to straight head for a party or may even have to go shopping with your BF. This is where you think of either heading home or changing somewhere on the way because the pantsuit isn’t quite the item for certain places. We have found some great hacks that should come handy, which means you don’t really need to throw the pantsuit away because style is all about little and smart changes. Check out new ways to change the daily suit statement.

Belt it all up

Belt it all up: If your work ethics doesn’t let you do what you desire, get a belt and tuck the pant a tad above the natural waist line with some tightness. You will soon find that your figure all prominent and the same pantsuit is look is way more glamorous and stylish. The belt can be in your handbag or you can simply keep one in your own desk. Go for something that adds zing to the pant, so a big buckle or some gold shine will not harm.

Put the jacket on the shoulders

Put the jacket on the shoulders: Your shoulder is all about style and statement, and when you cannot leave the office in something else, simply take off the well matched blazer/jacket and wrap it around the shoulder. This simply gives a very classy appeal to the overall pantsuit, and if you have a nice top or blouse underneath, you can show off the same sans trying too hard as an added advantage.

Redo the hair and shoes

Redo the hair and shoes: Your regular pantsuit can look much more appealing when you wear the right shoes. Look for strappy yet subtle sandals that don’t mess with the workplace ethics, and for a change, do the hair with some feminine elements. Even a different roll or curling can be quite good for a change. Don’t go too high on heels, but 3-4 inch heels are just find even when you are attending a board meeting.

Unbutton the blouse

Unbutton the blouse: This is probably the smartest thing you can do when you have to rush out in a pant suit. Just unbutton the top few hooks/buttons and add a bold colour to the lips. If you think that the skin show is more than what you have thought of, add a scarf to even the look. As for the lips, red is always the flavour of the season, but yes experimenting is always the key.
Crop the pants

Crop the pants: For those who are tailoring new pantsuits apart from what is needed at work, take a look for the cropped version of the pants, which have been around the runways for many years now. There are all kinds of designs that are available, but what matters the most is the colour. Pastel colours have been in vogue, while you can also try minimal stripes, as well.

Get going with the right kind of look for pantsuits because formal doesn’t have to be boring!

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