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How To Carry The Peplum Style With Affordable Ease

Peplum is a fashion trend that’s bound to stay for the foreseeable future. While we find many fashion brands infusing the peplum style in their outfits, the style remains on the doubt cards of many people as whether they can wear peplum. Many people don’t know how to wear the style, and there are other others who question its versatility. In fact, many global celebs are seen in peplums. Charlize Theron was seen in a Stella McCartney’s dress that worked great with her appearance and style. Other celebs showing peplum style statements include Jessica Chastain and Blake Lively.

Before you make your assumptions, take a look at some fashion tips that will help you carry off peplum in a much better way than you can imagine.

•        If you have a well shaped body, peplum styled tops can add a girly look to your outfit. You can wear printed or block colored tops in this style that end above your hips. The style is not confusing at all, and you can be at ease on a casual hangout.

•        On dressier occasions, opt for peplum outfits that add some chills and frills to a monotonic look. For example, if you are wearing a pant suit, you can add a peplum top to bring liveliness in the overall appearance. If you combine a pencil skirt with a peplum top, you can hit any semi formal occasion with style and ease.

•        For your cocktail parties, get little tacky with this style. You can find various two piece outfits that flatter your body with the peplum style. If you are well endowed, try to wear the two-piece in place, so that the voluminous parts of the body are not highlighted.

•        A peplum skirt can never be out of vogue. You can team the skirt with an elegant blouse or can even pull it off with a nice shirt, the choice is yours. For 2012, bright colors are quite in trends. You can try skirts with peplum style with contrast colored tops and blouses. You will look post and much in sync with fashion trends.

•        No matter what kind of peplum you wear, try to match the outfit with the right footwear. You can try heels as heels and stilettos always look fantastic with peplums. Also, high heels are essential as the look of the peplum tends to compromise with the length of your legs. You may find that peplum outfits that reach below the knee tend to shorten your height. Hence, try and wear heels.

•        The kind of frills that you can use depends largely on your comfort level. If you are too skeptical about peplums, it’s advisable that you wear neutral colors that come with minimal pleats. Also, if you have a well endowed body, its better that you try peplums that end below your hips, so that the flab can be covered.

Don’t be hesitant in trying to use Peplums. This fashion trend can flatter your body in the right proportions. If you think you cannot wear peplums due to appearance issues, take some time to try a few looks at home. It’s likely that you will fall for this classy and trendy style statement.

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