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How to be High on with Style with Short Shorts? Part 1

Short shorts are always stylish, and if you are someone who loves to flaunt those hot legs, there is nothing like having a few pairs in the closet, especially when the summers and spring time is around. From being tomboyish to looking class with limited accessories, we take a close look at a series that promise to offer new ways to use the short shorts and move beyond the old school long shorts that have been worn time and again.

Go the sober way

Go the sober way: When too much style is off the plate, you can wear your short shorts with a button down shirt. The button down shirt looks best with shorts when you tuck it in and hang a regular handbag or sling bag of your choice. This polished look works for the casual days when you are shopping with the girls or have a date to attend at the last minute. Limited accessories and styling, just keep your hair straight and flowing in style.

With a nice T-shirt

With a nice T-shirt: If you don’t have a pair of bright colour shorts as yet, make it a point to buy one this season. From neon greens to bright reds, all colours can be worth a look, depending on what colour you prefer. On the top, team any t-shirt, probably in white for a sober look. For those who love to take their T-shirt with a layer, a denim jacket can be worn and great idea for spring when the breeze is still blowing.

High on minimal accessories

High on minimal accessories: Do you own that slouchy and loose tee that has been worn at home and even with denims when nothing else works? Well, the next choice is to go for nice short shorts to match, which looks best when the accessories are right. So those thin chains with a pendant can be stacked one upon another with differences in size, while a nice pair of studs should do for the earrings. Show off your belt in peek-a-boo moment and stand on the highway in style!

Wear with a cropped top

Wear with a cropped top: If you really have an attitude to show off, take those short shorts and pair them with a nice cropped top, showing off your midriff with panache. Make a point to ensure that the cropped top is chosen in contrast to the maximum effect. For those who want to use the cropped top and yet want to cover up the skin show, the simplest solution is to add a jacket, either your favourite moto jacket or even a nice denim jacket.

With a moto jacket

With a moto jacket: That’s the simplest way to pull off the short shorts in style. Add a moto jacket that can look stylish and can add glamour to the overall look. Get started with the main items; add a choker or a nice bracelet for completing the look. Avoid the overall need for unwanted makeup and keep things simple.

Check part 2 of the series for more ideas on fashion with short shorts.

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