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Highlights of Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 at New York Fashion Week

Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 collection is among the most awaited for the season, and when the designer came up with his collection at New York Fashion Week, heads were bound to turn.  Bringing the best of the vintage era right from the 70s, the collection is all about metallic and glistening looks with unique materials.

Vintage Look



Oversized coat

Oversized coat_

The vintage look: Ideas for vintage fashion in the New York Fashion Week were quite different in every collection, and Marc Jacobs was more inspired by 1970s more than anything else. With opulent shawls matched with the unique range of golden outerwear, the collection used a classy plastic style sheath material that worked in most cases. Hot pants or complete glossy body suits, each of the models seemed to have a classy look that’s’ easy to the carry in real life, as well. Also picked up from the vintage style are oversized coats and short dresses in mixed patterns.

Topless Mode

Fur Outfit


What was worth a check– Marc Jacobs surely stunned the fashion lovers when a model from his show came in a topless mode with classy shorts and belt combined with pumps. While critics hadn’t much to see about the creative vision of the director, they certainly had a liking for dual tone of the show. The models firstly walked through the runway under a sepia light used from a large sun, and later on, the same looks were repeated in the normal light. The idea was to add more value to the unique choice of fabrics, either subtle glossy style from the 70s or even plastic style for a more twisted modern look. Using fur in many of the looks, the essential fall and winter look is ensured.

Round style

Large Clutches

Heeled Shoes

Accessories and other details: Collection has a lot to inspire the looks of handbags and accessories in the season to come. Round style handbags in smaller sizes where seen throughout the Fall 2013 looks, while the number of large style clutches made equal appearances. Rather than having complete high heeled stilettos or the current fancy for chunky heels, the heeled shoes where more about unique shapes that looked superbly appealing and visually stunning.

Glamorous collection

Glamorous Collection__



Was the hype worth it: From the bathrobes and pajamas to panty style high end bottoms that looked perfect with the matching tops, this is one of the among the most glamorous and offbeat Marc Jacobs collections.  The collection did have traces of the winter and fall with a hint of vintage. Fun stoles and scarves made the looks much easier to admire, while the prints seemed to be totally new to the mind of the designer.

Classy and truly revealing, this is one of the best Fall 2013 collections that will continue to inspire fashionistas across the globe. We are wondering about those glitzy fabrics that were stunning for the runway. Would the look transform to the street smart style? That’s something that is worth checking for in the fall and winter of 2013. Create your own stylebook from Marc Jacobs Fall 2013!

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