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High on Class with Elie Saab & Valentino Couture Spring Collections 2015

Spring 2015 Couture collections this year have been like a flash of many things- inspiration from nature, use of stunning colours, love for sequins and much more. While we are done with Versace and Armani, the coverage for any couture season cannot be complete without mentioning about Elie Saab and Giambattista Valli. Here’s a close take at the cues and styles that made their collections worth coveting.

Charming as old wine with Elie Saab

Charming as old wine with Elie Saab

Elie Saab dedicated his entire Spring Couture 2015 collection to his amazing growing up years. Saab remains one of the finest couture designers out there, and his designs have been consistent on the red carpet for years now. Usually, his designs are glittery and feature royal elements like crystals and sequins, so we were quite surprised that he had used 60s for his inspiration.

Elie Saab is never about playing low, so we had beaded designs, soft silhouettes that strongly described feminine looks. The soft fabrics of his collection always make for great red carpet appearances, so we might get a few looks at the Oscars and Grammys this year. The floral motifs in the entire list of looks were obvious, but what also remained in focus was the use of muted colours.

For ladies who like Elie Saab with less glamour and high style, this might well be the designer’s best to covet. Elie Saab gowns are always about feminine elements that define the sense of high class fashion with royal essence thrown in, which continues here, as well.

With love from Valentino

With love from Valentino

Valentino’s designers- Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri- decided to go a love journey with the Spring 2015 Couture collection. Coming with small inspirations, straight from Dante’s Inferno and also some from Shakespeare, the designs were all about style. The designers also talked about the paintings and work of Marc Chagall, which remained one of their main motifs this season. From being classy to designing couture outfits with leather flowers that were appliquéd on the linen, the choices are uniquely diverse from one another.

The art inspired outfits of the look were adequately couture like, and yet, you might want to get something similar for a date this Valentine. The hemlines were equally different and had something for each red carpet event one can think of- that’s the fun of Valentino! The couture looks had matched shoes that seemed like taking the cue from the main design to a step further, creating an illusion of shades.

The colours were equally easy to the eyes, with muted shades working in balance with subtle elements. On the trend front, Valentino worked with jackets and capes, so we know that the long outerwear will be staying on the runways for the longest time.

In the next post on the series, we will be covering more on Spring 2015 Couture with the best looks from the most awaited designer collections decoded just to understand how the red carpet looks may shapeup this year! Keep an eye here for more updates and fashion bites!

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