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Handpicked Fall 2016 Boot Trends at a Glance – Part 1

Fall is always a great season to experiment. If you have followed our blog, you must have seen all those trends that we have covered in varied posts. We have talked of the best shoe trends, clothing ideas, accessories and much more. This post is going to be about just boots. Boots are essentials in any closet, just like heels and stilettos, and when you have the right ideas in place, you can style in endless ways. Here are the top trends in boots for 2016 that you just cannot miss.

Love for over-the-knee boots

Love for over-the-knee boots: There is something very classy about over-the-knee boots. You can pair these kinds of boots with your leg hugging denims or even a short skirt or mini dress with ease, and the look can be anything from simple to elegant and sexy. There are many brands that offer over-the-knee boots in varied colours, and if you are in mood for some experimenting, make sure that you take a shot at the vibrant colours. Black and brown are your classic leather colours, especially when you want to play it safe.

Style with velvet boots

Style with velvet boots: Well, velvet is the ultimate fabric for fall 2016. Every designer has worked with velvet this year, right from shoes to purses, handbags and even accessories. Velvet boots can be tricky to carry around, and there is a practical problem of maintenance. Nevertheless, when style is on your mind, everything else can take a backseat. Look for sober velvet colours like gray or even green, or else, you can play it loud with bright shades. Black and maroon would be the ultimate classic to pick, and in case you are fond of matching, you can buy a handbag in the same style. In short, you cannot miss velvet this season.

Resembling a sock

Resembling a sock: Sock boots, as these are now known in fashion circles, are the ultimate tease. These are basically a blend between socks and boots. Functioning like a boot, these shoes have amazing fabrics that hug the feet like sock, and hence the name. This is one of the rare trends on the block, and there are many online stores, where you can find similar ideas. Sock boots are great if you like minimal things, and you can play around with a lot of colours. However, for those who like to keep it simple, black and gray are colours to choose, especially when you want to wear a pair to work.

Chelsea boots

A special mention about Chelsea boots, which are meant for both comfort and style. There is the amazing stretch detail on the side, which allows ample leg room and ensures that you can move your feet easily. If comfort is your key, this is a style you shouldn’t miss for this season. Take a check at web stores for finding better offers and discounts. To know more of the boot trends for 2016 and all your fashion updates, keep an eye on this space for more. We promise to keep you hooked!


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