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Guide to the Spring Shoes for Next Couple of Years- Part 1

There is something very classy about the spring sandals, and we have seen the collections of spring go from simple to minimal and sporty. In recent times, the spring collections were more about glamour than anything else and there is never enough of the buying you can do for the season. Long before you head to the store, here is a close take on the spring summer shoes and sandals that you can invest at least next couple of years!

Buckles, buckles and buckles- Buckle it up

Buckles, buckles and buckles- Buckle it up: For spring 2014, we have seen many designers that have come up with bold buckles. The buckled straps are essentially stylish, and the big buckles work well in any colour, giving even the simplest sandals a pretty and creative appeal. You can check for buckled ankle strap designs, front strap styles or even the simple summer slip on with buckle on the front. Sometimes, the buckles can be just decorative and be the reason to glam the simplistic designs in regular sandals.

Go for pink in a classy way

Go for pink in a classy way: Pink is one of the few colours that continue to woo the audiences for all reasons. From the simple rose pink to the baby pink and darker shades, there are endless shades that you can love. The best part of pink is definitely the compatibility level, which makes the colour easy with golden and silver accessorizing. Adding to this, pink is one shade that can be used for wedges, strappy sandals, heels, and flats with the same ease. We insist on the soft pinks, which have the tendency to match up with almost anything you wear.

The minimal style is in

The minimal style is in: Limited elements of design and lack of extreme detailing- Minimal shoes and sandals are definitely the most happening trend of the season. You can have such shoes from any online stop or branded outlet with ease, and the colour isn’t much of a concern. Some of the minimalistic designs are so simple yet riveting that you would want to wear them time and again. Not to forget, the minimal styled shoes are often high on the comfort zone, and therefore, you can have a blast looking for the options.

The stylish leather look and colours

The stylish leather look and colours: Leather looks are always appealing, although there are many designers and fashionistas who are turning away from the material for all the good reasons and issues of animal cruelty. We too don’t insist on leather, but the neutral colours and looks of leather can be a sheer pleasure to the eyes. Look for black, brown and similar natural colours of leather in the faux options, which can last as long as your genuine leather items, if not more. Also, the convenient factor and simplicity of simple leather like shoes is always worth vouching for, and that makes these shoes easy for the workplace and casual days alike.

In the next part, we will talk of another three trends that make for perfect spring buys. Check here soon for more!

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