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Great Ideas with New Age Style Statements for 2015! – Part 1

Fashion trends change with every single season, and there is nothing like trying new things. However, we have to admit that some trends just got overboard in the last few months, and we cannot wait to replace them. We take a close check on some new things on the block and you can get rid of some trends and styles that are not particularly cool for 2015.

A tied sweater

A tied sweater: Remember when we loved to wear the button down shirt around the skirt as a cool layering item? Well, we found a better replacement that should give more scope to any fashionista to be different from the masses. Go for a nice sweater for the spring and tie it around the shoulders for a fresh new look for the freshest season of the year. Also, you can go for a pastel shades, which were in vogue in the last season and can be found in most of the online stores at great discounted prices.

Love for high slits

Love for high slits: Slit skirts and dresses always had that amazing sensual appeal, which could transform any girl into a diva. We are in love with the slits, and one must admit that we are all done with those see-through skirts and sheer material with high waist under pants that were all over the ramp. So, the new age skirts will be long and if you can dare, you can bare those sexy legs in style without even revealing too much. The style idea is to go for black and blue shades if you are looking for a lean look, while other colours are good for the day time.

Welcome the shirt blouse

Welcome the shirt blouse: There was a time when those V-neck tunics were all over the place, and we are quite bored of the same look that just seems like changing colours as more brands plunge into it. Thankfully, the fresh new change is the collared blouse or the button down shirt, which is easily a step ahead.  If you really want this trend to work, all you need is nice and pretty colour, like light blue, pink or even the pastel ones. With stripes, the look can be formal, while you can also opt for simple button down designs in prints with cropped denims.

The new age flared denims are here

The new age flared denims are here! Easily the most notable trend is the new age flared denims that have been around for some time now. You can say goodbye to the boyfriend jeans that are not even in vogue anymore and get these denims that look like a modern pair and comes with flared lower area. You can wear such styles with almost any blouse or shirt of your choice or play it simple with a nice sweater that is essentially for the spring or pre-fall season. With flared denims, high heels in pump style look the best, while you can also try ankle boots.

In the next part of this series, it is more about new trends of the New Year!


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