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Great Accessory Trends Worth Picking For Spring 2016- Part 1

So, we have officially closed the last series on spring 2016 shoe trends, and we are fast moving ahead to cover more for the most amazing and freshest season of the year. With this post, we are starting a series of new trends, exclusively with regards to accessories. We will cover a bit from the shoes, bags, jewellery and much more in this series, where we promise to bring more ideas for updating your closet in your decided budget. As always, we will also talk of how you can use the trends in a practical way, with things you should buy. With all that said, let’s get started!

Bigger the better

Bigger the better: One of the unique things on the runways of most fashion weeks was oversized and giant earrings that made an instant statement. Almost touching the shoulders, these earrings can totally pump up any outfit in the most desirable way. For ideas, you can check Alexander McQueen, Oscar de la Renta, and Alexander Wang. As expected, you don’t need a fortune to get this trend in the closet, as there are many ideas to steal from the flea market and online stores.

Printed is cool

Printed is cool: We are expecting to bring more on handbags for spring 2016, but as we cover the best in accessories, let’s talk of printed handbags and graphic designs that worked big time on the runways. Designers, who have made the graphic designs too cool, include Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Gucci among others. This is also an easy trend to adapt and you can do a lot for little investment. Check your local mall to find printed handbags, sling bags and clutches, and there’s plenty of scope for experimenting.  We also suggest that you try for a few bold colours, which are likely to impact your summer and spring outfits better.

Chunky and heavy

Chunky and heavy: If you remember, some years back we had chunky heels that made serious statements both on and off the runways, and for spring next year, you will see more heavy and chunk shoe designs, instead of just heels. The idea works big time for accessorizing a basic look, and the detailing is more than excellent in most collections. From chunk straps and big chained designs to even unique looks and heavy heels, there was so much to love here, and honestly, if you want a designer pair, this is a trend that demands indulgence. Get started with designers like Burberry Prorsum, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Chanel. Keep an eye on the amazing use of tying detail, which is a big idea to toy with!

Influential and glittering

Influential and glittering: Many designers have also chose to make the shoes more glittery and embellished than ever before. There is no much that one experiment for many more springs to come, and we have to thank the top fashion houses for that. The sad thing is you will need to buy from the biggest shops if you want to use this trend, as the regular brands hardly do such stuff.

Keep an eye for more in next part!

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