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Getting the Off-The-Ramp Model Look Everyday – Part 1

Those lean and slim runway models always manage to look worth a million bucks, even when they are not in high end designer line. The essence is exceptionally cool and most models seem to be like at complete ease. What does it take to glam up like a model off the ramp? We have come up with a few ideas that you want to check right now by all means.

Add a moto jacket

Add a moto jacket: Moto jacket is always a favourite of models, and if you check them on the streets, you often can spot them in a moto jacket doing all the things in style. The biker like jacket is always like a classic when it is in leather, but if you are not in support of the material, we always insist on faux options. The moto jacket works well for all seasons, and even when you are wearing a pair of shorts, you can add the layer for that perfect balance, much like your favourite model.

Go the crop-way

Go the crop way: Runway models love to be at least at their comfortable best when they are not walking the ramp. After all, sometimes a few of the designer wear can be tough things to carry. Many models also go for the cropped look, which is stylish and adds a statement to your pants, chinos, shorts, skirts and boxers with ease. Needless to mention, you need to be absolutely in the best body, because the models you love never have that extra shade of flab.

Wear the right blazer

Wear the right blazer: Blazers are always great, and we see them on the models off the runways, we can understand that it’s quite an understated style statement. You can wear tuxedo style blazer with almost any kind of long and short pants and shorts you have. A black blazer is always like a first choice for any girl who wants to be effortlessly stylish at all times. Ready-made blazers are good for the budget you have, or tailoring one can be a good idea.

Leather like always

Leather like always: Leggings in leather have been the new comfort item in the closet, and there are faux options available, as well. Many models wear leggings and pair the same with blazers and moto jackets, which keeps the look simple and effortless at all times. If you don’t own leather leggings as yet, get one for the spring ahead, when you can ditch the day dresses for a while for sure.

Go for the ankle boots

Go for the ankle boots: When it comes to boots, most models prefer the ankle boots for comfort, style and essence. The ankle designs create an effective feel for almost anything you wear, starting from the summer dresses to the chinos and those leggings we just talked of. Not to forget, ankle boots are great when it comes to durability, and you will find ankle boots for all budgets you have.

In the next part, we will talk about the other things that top models around the world wear for the casual times!

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