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Getting Dressed for a Seniors Party

Dressing for a Seniors party is always a reason to panic for many. I have been attending many formal parties at retirement villages, communities and clubs, and thanks to the perks of my job, and interestingly, I have figured a few things that can help women be perfect on such formal occasions. Formal parties are not essentially boring, but you need to have the capability to initiate conversions, and for that, you need to look good. Most women cannot digest the fact that they don’t have well shaped body, which makes dress like someone they admire. The idea is to stick to dress that flaunt your shape. You don’t have to have the hour glass figure to wear a tuxedo, or put tons of makeup to highlight your face.

Formal dresses need to be well fitted, and to wear them without ironing is the biggest mistake that you can make. You may consider wearing a skirt or a dress, especially if you are going for an evening occasion, but be sure of the cleavage and the length of the dress. Flaunting in formal dress is not just right, especially when you are above 55. Choose something that’s appropriate for your body. I have attended many formal events that demand a dress code, and for such occasions, you don’t have much to worry about. All you need to do is balance your dress with the code. There are small accessories such as your handbag, belt and watch that you need to pay attention to. The idea is to keep a balance between the accessories. When it comes to formal occasions, I have seen women making fashion mistakes by accessorising themselves to an extra extent. Formal parties can be best used to show your styling in a minimal manner.

It is not sufficient to dress well for a formal event. You need to be extremely smart in the way you present yourself. Whatever you wear, you must be confident in your movements. Not to forget, you need to pay attention to the formal footwear. Sometimes even a great dress can be ruined with the wrong footwear. I suggest women to take a few trials of their dresses before they step out for a professional party or gathering.

Sarah works for Retirement Villages as a style adviser.

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