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Get Your Style Right with Flats That Accentuate

Heels are always a women’s delight, but flats are known to be the perfect comfort zone. Fortunately, flats are owned by most of us, and unfortunately, most of us think of flats to be boring and unattractive. Flats are as appealing as their heels counterparts, provided you know the right ways of using the same. Many women think flats are not meant for those who are short heighted, which is yet another faulty concept. For making things simple for you as regular user of flats, we have enlisted a few style concepts that will help accentuate and make the most use of this shoes style.


Stylish flats are a rage: Honestly, flats are not as appealing as heels as they don’t add much dimension to your height. However, you don’t need to look for boring flats, but what you need are models that are made of lavish materials. Look for features that are enriched with multiple layers of textures, so that you can get the sophisticated look without getting tortured by the high heels. There are many features that can add the glam quotient to the entire look such as straps and buckles. A word of caution- be sure of the entire concept, rather than just looking for embellishments.

Casual flats

Getting flats with the right dress: Flats have just one big disadvantage that they tend to make you look shorter. We advise that you avoid wearing flats with long skirts. Instead, when you are wearing short skirts, wear matching flats, and you will find that your legs look as slender as with heels. In case, you are wearing capris and short pants, flats are your best choices. Avoid wearing pants that come with hemlines that almost reach your feet. If you have a well balanced body, don’t wear pants with extreme fitting. Flats don’t make your legs slender, and that’s the reason you must bring focus to those portions of the body where you need to hide those extra kilos.

Colored Flats

Get the right colors in flats: Flats offer as many choices in colors as in heels, and all you need is the right choice of colors. Most of us like neutral and basic colors such as beige, brown and black, but having a few more colors can also bring you attention. We have discussed many times in our previous posts how neon colors have made their mark in the fashion industry, and that’s something we suggest for flats, as well. Look for some decent colors such as yellows, limes and green. Red and orange can also be subtle choices. When you are choosing a bright color, always ensure that you are looking for block shades rather than fancy models with dozens of embellishments.

Flats can be versatile and smart ways of getting your look right, and what is great about flats that you can wear them for almost every kind of occasion and event without losing on the chances of being a style diva. Check online on shoes stores for finding the best collection in flats from the leading designers and brands.


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