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Get trendy and stylish with Scarves and Stoles

As the winter hits some parts of the globe, it’s essential to know the winter trends that will help you stay updated and stylish. Scarves have always been in fashion, and both women and men love to style up with this funky and versatile fashion accessory. In fact, many of our celebrities are seen in scarves and stoles at various events. Selena Gomez was seen at an event wearing a red scarf. Also spotted with scarves are stars like Demi Lovato and Francia Raisa.

What works for scarves is the fact that these small pieces are for both style and comfort. You offer the necessary warm to your neck, and at the same, you manage to spun a new look. Scarves are versatile. There are more than 50 different styles in which you can use them. In the next few lines, we explore some trending scarves statements that you can sport this winter.

1.       Bright block colored scarves: If you take a look at scarves and stoles adored by celebrities, you will find that block colored scarves are quite popular. Instead of regular colors, you can try bold red, cobalt, orange, purple, lemon yellow and similar bright shades. Check the look of Selena Gomez for an idea. She is seen wearing bold red scarf with minimal print work.


2.       Dual color printed scarves: Check the scarf adored by Emma Roberts at an outing to know what we are talking about. Dual colored scarves are quite in fashion. Just like Roberts, you can try classy dual combo colors such as black and red, black and white, or white and red. You can wear these scarves over your sweater or cardigan in a wrap up style.

3.       Animal print scarves: Animal prints seem to be trending everywhere in the designer collections for fall winter 2012. The same goes for scarves, as well. Socialite Khloe Kardashian was seen wearing a blue and black leopard print scarf in one of her outings. The best thing about leopard and other animal prints is the fact that these scarves look fabulous on classic outfits. Wrap the scarf around the neck with your black overcoat to complete the classy look. Miley Cyrus was also seen in a classic leopard print scarf.

4.       Striped and checked scarves: If you love stripes, it’s the time of the year when you can happily try the look with scarves. There are checked and striped scarves that can be simply hung around the neck for the corporate look. You can check the style adored by Lucy Hale with a striped scarf.

With a delicate scarf or stole in your closet, you can never run out of fashion ideas. From combining them with your jeans to adding them with your pencil skirt, scarves are fashion accessories for every closet. You can try the much talked about Arab-style kaftans and small scarves for a more net look. The idea is to add a few different scarves in your closet for a new look on every outing this winter.

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