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Get new styles of denims in your closet

As the fast paced fashion world keeps bringing new trends every season, we love making the most of them. When it comes to denims, there is no denying that most people like to stick to the basics. However, this spring and summer, you can be different and stylish with denims and create a style statement of your own.

Polka Dot Jeans

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The denim polka style:Yes, you can now wear a cute denim skirt or simply wear a pair of denims with polka dots. The idea is to steer clear of the blue shades and come up with polka dots that are experimental and fun to wear. This style works best when rest of the attire is plain, so that there is no ‘over the top’ feeling.

Denim Print Jacket

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Denim jacket with prints:Printed denims made a huge comeback in the last few years, and you can try almost anything out of the blue. At the first place, such prints may seem weird, but fashion experts suggest that you can break the trend of skinny denims in your own way with such prints.

Denim Jacket with Wash

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Classy denim jacket with a wash: Washed pair of jeans is something that you mind in almost all closets, both men and women alike. This season, play with denim jacket with wash. There are many brands that have denim jackets that are designed with a wash in casual style or evenly like print. You can wear one for a Sunday brunch or even for a clubbing night.

Denim Shorts

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Denim shorts: When it comes to shorts, avoid those khakis for a while and look for denim shorts. Casual and obviously always on the trends, you can pair such shorts with a cool short for that killer look. Keep in mind that denim shorts are about accentuating your toned legs, and it is advisable that you avoid shorts when out of shape.

Denim Bags

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Denim bags: Another fun way to add denim to your closet is to check those bags that come in the varied mix of fabrics. You can choose a bag in the sling style or can simple choose a large tote. What makes these bags worth your money is the fact that these are durable and last you for years.

Denim Top

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Denim tops: Sounds quite quirky, but denim tops do exist, even though these tops are not as heavy as your regular denims. Made with mixing of other fabrics, the tops in such style make the most of the blue shade of denims. You can choose to wear one for your casual day at work or even choose one for your outing.

Jeans and denims are extremely fun to test and you can do wonders even with a pair of denims that are lying in some corner of your closet. Keep an eye on our blog and check the runway trends and you are sure to find some amazing ways to deal with denims. You can be your stylist in no time, provided you know to break the rules. After all, everything about fashion is about trying new things.

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