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Get More with New Styles for 2015- Part 2

Back again to the new age trends, we will talk of some more options here. 2015 has been an interesting year so far for fashion lovers, because many of the designers have dared to change the pre-existing elements to offer something new. Even the most stunning designs have been given some tweaking, which is great, given that nothing should be too stagnant in fashion that it becomes boring. Here’s a close take at some more trends that are worthy of a look for the new 2015!

Jackets with new style belts

Jackets with new style belts: The soft judo styled belts were all over the ramp, and this is quite a statement for the freshest season i.e. spring, where leather jackets and their contrasting sleeves were seen everywhere. You can wear the new way of jackets and don’t need to bother for matching colours anymore. Simple shades, easy pleasing belting styles can be yours for days to come, and you will find this trend useful even in the fall, because we did mention that pre-fall 2015 colours have been all about trench coats. Trench and regular coat designs look great when belted right, and you can be assured of no slip-ups.

Minimal assets for the summer

Minimal assets for the summer: Last summer, we had seen enough of those bondage bras, which certainly seemed uncomfortable, although we cannot deny the fashion quotient. The new cool is to go for the minimalistic bra that is comfy and allows you to slip in a dress size smaller than yours, provided you are using other shape wear, as well. Go ahead with lesser assets for the season, and you will love the cool chic appeal that won’t be as hurting as the much coveted bondage designers that often looked hard.

Round sunglasses are new fun

Round sunglasses are new fun: Let’s agree to the fact that mirror sunglasses are nice, but we are bored of the same school designs. The new element is those round sunglasses that seem to be borrowed from Harry Potter with twists for the real fashionistas. There is a quirky appeal to the entire look, and you can wear one with almost anything with ease. Round sunglasses work well for the fact that these haven’t been used for ages in the fashion squares and there is some good appeal to the style at least for now.

Get more with sleek hats

Get more with sleek hats: The ladylike hats are always cool and happening, but the thing is the old school boring look that’s feminine but doesn’t offer any excitement. The new cool is the coming of sleek hats that are more on the edge of being stylish and edgy. You can wear these hats in replacement for floppy hats, and the look will be simple and classy with a statement that’s not massy but definitely a step apart from what most others would be wearing for the season.

We hope we have given you enough for the next few seasons, which can be worth experimenting with little investment in the fashion stores. Get started right now!


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