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Get draped in Red: Tips for dressing with Red

Red has always been the choice of fashion lovers, and if there’s one color that you must own for all seasons, it’s red. Whether you are wearing an evening gown or are wearing the perfect mini dress for the Sunday brunch, red is a color that will not fail you for any season. The best part of wearing red is the fact that you can wear it in any way you like and with any other color you want, provided you keep the fashion trends in mind. Every year, at various fashion red carpet events, we find out celebs wearing some amazing outfits in red. The celeb outfits in red that deserve a mention include former Oscar winner Natalie Portman, supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Emma Stone in fuchsia gown with big bow from Giambattista Valli’s Haute Couture collection at Oscars Red Carpet 2012.

Discussed below are some small tips that will help you find the right balance between red and other colors in your wardrobe.

Suiting with your skin tone

Red is a classy color for the wardrobe, and there are no two opinions on that. However, women with dark shades must look for subtle shades of red for getting the neat look. Don’t wear loud red if you are not sure of carrying the color on you. For those blessed with a fair complexion, all kinds of reds look imposing on them.

Prints vs. Block shades

Block red colored dresses and apparels look decent, but after a certain time, you might get bored with one color. Whether it’s the heat of summers or numbness of winters, try to add few colors to red to bring the liveliness. Block and single shades of red are perfect for official and semi formal occasions. You can also add little portions of white or black to your collection for a neat change. As for prints, you can always try them. In summers, floral prints with red tones look fabulous on any women with any skin tone. As for winters, you can wear a floral shirt with small motifs in red and combine the same with a single colored cardigan.

Red with other colors

Red combined white or red combined with black make a classy combination for both formal and informal occasions. However, if you check the current trends, you will find that there are many colors that are being smartly combined with reds for classy dressing. You can combine bright red shades with oranges and pinks for a flashy casual look.

Buying reds for your wardrobe

There are few essentials in red that you must have in your closet. The first thing you need is a cardigan or pullover. If you think red pullover is too flashy, think again! Red cardigans, overcoats and pullovers, look impressive even on the most formal occasions. A little dress with red motifs is another item that’s deserves a place in your collection. Whether it’s your weekend party or your romantic date with your lover, a small dress is a must have for all fashion lovers. Finally, don’t miss on handbags and accessories. If you have red dresses, you must have a handbag that matches it. Not to forget, add some red beaded necklaces and earrings in your collection.

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