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Fun Fashion Rules That You Definitely Want To Break!

Gone is the era when fashion was about rules and norms! Today, fashion is more about styling right, and everyone is entitled to have a style statement of their own. Over the years, the number of fashion designers and brands has increased magnificently, which calls for knowing the current trends. Even though there are trends, you can always pick someone new for the closet. Do you believe in the fashion rules? Here are the smart ways to breaking most of them.

White in winter

False: White is not winter: This is one of the biggest rules that one wants to flout! There are numerous brands this season that have focused on white, cream and ivory for their winter collections 2014, which calls for a more optimistic look towards white. You can certainly wear those overcoats, jackets, shirts, dresses and lot more.

 Horizontal Stripes

False: Avoid wearing horizontal stripes to look lean: Wrong! If you are wearing sweaters or pullovers, the horizontal stripes are always going to look good, especially when you are teaming with cropped denims, shorts along with flats. This is a look that one can die for, even when you are on the plus side.

 Prints and Patterns

False: Prints are meant for block colour: When you are choosing a printed top, most people around you will tell that a pair of block colour pants is what you need. No! That’s not true because prints and patterns together create for the most organized looks, although one has to consider the colour and pattern of both the items. This is a rule that’s meant to be broken and experimented with!

 Glitter for day

False: Glitter is for the night: This is utter stupid to think that a little shine and glitter is wrong for the day time. There is no denying that shiny outfits and looks good for the evening parties and occasions, but if you have the right items, the look can work even for the daylight with ease.

 Brown and Black

False: Black and Brown don’t match: If you love black and brown together, there is no reason for you to avoid it. Being dark colours, both of them tend to look contrasting but similar in more ways than one. There are people who love to wear all black with a brown jacket or a simple black jacket over the brown dress, and in both cases, the combination can be lethal and worth vouching for!

 Bag and Shoes

False: Your bag and shoes need to match: There is no such to rule to match anything with other. The fashion experts like to go all the way to having something totally unique for the feet and even more distinctive for the bag. Yes, there is a need for coordination between the different elements, but not always! You can have a bag that you love with almost any casual look you have.

Fashion trends often influence us, but the influence should be on the choices but not on the personal statement. If you love dressing the way you like, taking a cue is good but never follow the fashion gurus blindly.

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