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Freshen Up for the Spring in a New Way- Quick Fixes- Part 1

Spring trends have arrived, the accessories are known and yet there is always some sort of confusion on what should go with which other items for that perfect blended look. If you are keen on refreshing and starting the freshest season of the year in a new way, we insist you go back to some of the basic styles, which are seasonal and extremely unique at the same time. Here are your quick fixes for the season to come with tips on making the most of the style statements.

Keep the sporty look

Keep the sporty look: The workout shoes and the active wear can be more effective even outside the gym. Last spring, sportswear emerged as a new trend for the entire season, and for spring 2015, we did spot the trend in some designers. Essentially, you can take the tee and shoes and make it classier with a totally cool blazer. Make it a point to keep the accessories to the minimal as this is basically your casual day look for the times when you want nothing but comfort or need to walk that extra mile for shedding a few calories.

Go for a cropped match look

Go for a cropped match look: Ideally, the cropped top looks best for spring and summer, but strangely not many women dare to wear the look in a matched way. If you don’t own a tailored or customized top and skirt, make it a point to get a design stitched. You can go for a pencil design for the skirt, and the best part of the look is the ways that you can wear the two matched items, both together and as separates with other things in the closet. The look is complete when you add the perfect blazer or a spring coat.

Opt for the sneakers in day time

Opt for the sneakers in day time: When it comes to looking fresh for the spring, you can choose sneakers and make that old pair look totally new with a nice and different coloured laces. When you are happy with the spring sneakers and lace colour, consider simply changing the cases and you will love the entire appeal. Usually, we don’t change the laces very often, which make the nice shoes look dead. White sneakers are always cool, but a little bit of pop up won’t hurt either.

Own a see-through skirt

Own a see-through skirt: There was a time when we saw the see-through skirt only at designer stores and brands, but today, you can find one even in some of the spring markets. That’s the power of a stylish idea. If you don’t have a see-through skirt for the spring as yet, consider investing in one. There are all kinds of skirts, starting from the long ones to the midi and mini, but look for the one that touches the ankle and doesn’t make the peek-a-boo moment look overdone for the season. Black is an obvious choice, while other colours, including pastels, can be a warm change.

Do come in to check the next part of the series for more fresh ideas!

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