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Five Classy Haute Couture Gowns worth Checking

Most of us visit designer stores and brand outlets and buy gowns from the rack. If you are willing to invest in designer dresses that are exclusive to your wardrobe, you can think of buying Haute couture. All Haute couture gowns are custom made for customers and show the creative side of designers. Obviously, the best of fall 2012 gowns were seen on the ramp, and what makes these gowns is the hard work of the designers who went a few steps ahead with their efforts. Here are five glamorous and splendid gowns that made heads turn and eyes roll.

Elie Saab Designs
Elie Saab: For many, Elie Saab gowns are like fashion redefined. This year, the focus seems on creating looks that bring the essence of fairy tale. The gowns came in the full skirted look with totally different ball gown appeal. He used colors that could accentuate the style of full gowns to the best possible extent. If you are tired of the lacing style that has been doing rounds, you can check their detailing here.

Giorgio Armani Designs
Giorgio Armani: The collection of Giorgio Armani is all about the shades and tones that reflect the moods of the sky from dusk to dawn. All the gowns talked about the elements that make the night. Starry gowns with the perfect fit ensured that the glamour of Giorgio Armani remains intact among fashion lovers. If you are fond of dark colors, tones and hues, don’t miss the collection by any means.

Versace Designs
Versace: When it comes to designing gowns with the elements of style and detailing, no one tops Versace. Their haute couture gowns are full of detailing, and you will be impressed the way small buckles and light fabrics have been used in the collection. In short, the perfect gown to make the eyelashes curl and fashion experts rave about the concept.

Yiqing Yin Designs

Yiqing Yin: Most of us have seen use of satins and detailing on the ramp, and we are looking forward to break the jinx without losing the essence of haute couture. Bringing the essence of sci-fi elements in action and mixing the same with the feathered look, Yiqing Yin came up with a closing gown that can make any women fall for it. Everything about the dark-colored gown is inspiring and breathtaking. Special note: Check the detailing that has been done on the front.

Basil Soda Designs

Basil Soda: In the trends of 2012, we have seen how gold and other tones of shimmer have made ways to the ramp. In one of the several dresses from Basil Soda, we can see the use of golden hues that makes the neutral shaded gowns really classy. Yes, please take a note of the golden embellishments and beads that have been used for ultimate detailing.

Next time, you are thinking of getting something designed after being inspired by haute couture trends, you know what to look forward to. Your gown should be unique and focused on detailing the smallest things. Not to forget, check the fitting of the gowns mentioned above.


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