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First Date Dressing Ideas For Every Girl!

First dates can be quite fun, happening and filled with nervousness. While men are worried about other things, women are more concerned with the clothing and accessories  that can create the best impression. We have talked about trends, styles and ideas, but we haven’t given a guide on what you should be wearing for the first date. Here are some great ideas that you may consider wearing for your first time out with that special guy, not forgetting that you can continue taking cues from this series for other regular dates, as well.

Go with killer heels

Go with killer heels: Some said it quite nicely- ‘A man is known by the shoes he wears’. We say –‘Your shoes can be your very own style statement’. No matter what you wear, a nice pair of heels can change the game for your date. From ankle boots with heels to classic pumps and high heels, anything that is high and can bring more length to your legs is pretty welcome. Ideally, when you go for heels with pop up colours, the beauty is about making a statement, or else, even simple strappy high heels in black can also be worth the day.

Red is always safe

Red is always safe: If no other colour seems to give you pleasure, red is always a safe option for a date. From wearing the little red dress to the classic design red top with a nice plaid skirt, there are many choices that can work for the first date. Red is the colour of love, and if you are choosing complete red for the day, try to minimize the extreme boldness by adding a layered black jacket. Alternatively, your red dress with a bold red colour for the lips can be a stunning combination.

Wear your own fashion

Wear your own fashion: First dates are special and you essentially don’t want to ruin it by experimenting with new things. If nothing else suits your mood and you are not sure how a new dress will look on you, the best option is to go by what is comfortable. Try your regular skinny denims with a new top or wear a lace blouse for some feminine effect. The idea is to be comfortable because you don’t want to wear a short dress and then feel uneasy for the entire day.

Do the planning rightWear your own fashion

Do the planning right: When you are wearing something new, always make it a point to try it at home a day before, so that you can do the changes as needed. Also, ensure that you don’t overuse makeup as men don’t like plastic women. Not to forget, if you end up spending the entire day outside, your makeup may end up looking shabby without the touch-ups. Take your essential things along with you, and make sure that you have ample time the next day to get dressed up.

Finally, wear your attitude and make sure to be at ease! First dates can mean start of new relationships, so you might to keep you look simple yet riveting for surprises ahead.

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