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Final Collection of Best Jewellery Ideas from Fall 2015

We have reached the finale of our exclusive series on best jewellery for fall, and we are looking ahead to offer some of more trends for 2015. Check what it takes to create a distinct style with your own looks.

Fringe necklaces

Fringe necklaces: Somehow, it seems that fringe is the new cool! From shoes and bags, to big neckpieces, we have seen it all. The new cool neckpiece was seen at Balmain, and we totally love the style. This is one of the rare pieces that you wouldn’t really mind wearing to parties and the prom night.

Single earrings

Single earrings: We have seen some of the best trends in earrings in the last seasons, and after a stint with different earrings for both ears, we are again back to single earring. This time we saw the trend coming alive at Isabel Marant, and we are pretty sure, you can interpret the style in your own way. A good idea can be to go for a gold earring that can be used as a statement piece.

Amazing brooches

Amazing brooches: Prada is one fashion house that never ceases to amaze. For fall 2015, they came up with these jewelled brooches that had amazing beauty in the way the designer has conceived them. You can own brooches for this season, because we are hopeful that these items will keep returning for the days ahead.

Structured cuffs

Structured cuffs: Another stunning trend is the coming of structured and well defined cuffs, and we spotted this at Louis Vuitton. This kind of cuffs work as a transitional jewellery items, as you can wear them to work and match it with the fall looks with easy, no matter what the casual outing may be. The good part is the style is achievable, and you will find these kinds of cuffs in many stores.

Multiplied earrings

Multiplied earrings: This is easily the most unique trend of the season so far, spotted at Donna Karan. Start with multiple earrings this year, and you will love the effective and yet simplistic feel that this style adds to every look.  Check with online stores because you need to match up the earrings.

Face piercings

Face piercings: Talking of the most jumpy trend of the season, we have the most amazing use of piercings all over the face at Givenchy. This is also inspired from many of the tribal looks, and we aren’t complaining. We don’t have many suggestions for this one, as the trend needs a lot of daring and edge, which is a matter of personal choice. Kudos to the designers who have managed to create something as sensational as this!

Pearls for the neck

Pearls for the neck: Seen at Stella McCartney, black pearls used in a knotted style for the neck is among the best things this season. You will love the simplicity of the design, and yet there is so much effect that one cannot take eyes off. A big congrats for going beyond white pearls, which seem to be overdone.

We hope you have stayed with us in this amazing series, and keep an eye on this space for some more fashion and style updates.

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