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Fast Summer Styling Tips for Quick Fashion Fixes

More than often, we have days when we just wanted to style rightly without having spent millions. This is when you need style fixes rather than trends, and that simply means you can do something stunning right from what you already have in your closet. If you are one of those who like fashion to be on the run rather than from the runways, here is a close take at some of the most exciting quick fashion ideas.

1. Knot your shirt:
Knot your shirt
Some years back, the knotty shirt came in vogue and left, but the style remains essentially classy. Take that white shirt out of the closet and wear it with a knot that is just above the belly or even just close to the bosom. The higher the knot to the breasts, the more skin show you have but without crossing the lines of vulgarity. This is one offbeat trend that might give your oldest shirts a new look and works best when you are wearing shorts and skirts.

2. A large white bag:
Large White Bag
A large white bag is one of the most versatile items that you can have in your closet. Lovely and immensely likeable, this is a multipurpose thing that doubles your style quotient no matter what you are wearing and ensures that you have ample space for storage. Look for large bags that can accommodate everything from your makeup to small essentials, and you are ready for any look.

3. Old hats and caps:

Hats and Caps

Now, most of us don’t wear hats unless we find them in trend. If you are stocking hats in your collection, you can now get them out for regular wear in the summer. Not only hats protect the face and skin from sun damage but if you can choose the right one for your look, you can enhance the beauty of any outfit. For those who don’t have hats, they can check the online stores and street markets to find some stylish options.

4. Large belts for dresses:

Large Belts

Did you think that the large belts you have are meant for the denims? No, you are wrong! There are some amazing belts with huge width that work well with those summer dresses. Such belts might be lying idle in your closet, and if you are planning to invest, make sure you choose a large metallic belt for the summer. Just belts seem to be a rage among stars and celebs, and there is a lot that you can experiment with. Large belts in block colours work well with printed dresses and give the waist area the much needed factor of attention.

Among the other things to try for quick fashion are animal prints. Whether it’s a scarf, a dress or even a handbag, the animal prints work well with ease, irrespective of the season. When nothing else seems to make you feel glamorous or worth an occasion, try leopard or snake prints, and you will find admirations coming your way without trying hard!

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