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Fashion Things to Store for the Fall 2013

Most of us are done with the summer and spring trends that came sometime back, but you don’t necessarily need to shut the summer closet yet. There are always a few styles that smoothly transit from the warm summers to the cool fall, and these are ones that you can certainly keep trending. Check these classy and cool summer essentials that can be your perfect choices for fall outings without any fashion mistake.

The lace dress:

Lace Dress


Lace outfits have been spotted in the fall collections of many designers, and probably, this is the most common thing for 2013 in all seasons. If you had invested in summer lace dresses, you can carry them smartly for the fall as well. Black and white have been the most preferred colour choices in summer, and the same will continue for the fall as well with additions like oxblood and other shades of red. With your lace dress, you can wear cute pump heels or the ankle boots, but do steer clear of flats. For a more fall style look, you choose to add a coat, as well. Perfectly trendy!

The full skirt:

Full Skirt


Over the years, there have been many changes in full skirts, so the styles might vary in every season. However, this doesn’t restrict you from wearing the skirt from summer in the fall. Take that beautiful flowing skirt in the closet and match it with a simple knit top for a feminine look. Of course, the athletic jacket can be a good choice, and for the pumps, you can swipe in ankle boots or even a pair of strappy sandals and look equally chic.

Minaudière style:


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This is one trend that has crossed one season to another with remarkable ease. There are so many trends and styles that you can look for, and even those, summer style bright coloured, Minaudières are in vogue for the fall. Carry your little makeup items or use it more like jewelry, there is a lot to the style that makes it one of the must haves of all seasons. If you are buying something new, look for a few more embellishments as that’s what the fashion experts are showing us.

The white pants:

White Pants


Those wide formal white pants that worked perfectly for the summers can be your ideal choice for the fall, but needless to mention, with a few changes. Look for white blazers to pair with this style of pants and swap your summer sandals for a pair of boots. Depending on where you are heading, use the right accessories- may be a trendy geometrical jewelry or simply a pair of cuffs, the choices are more than many.

Some people do use their summer jackets for the fall, which is nothing new but worth trying, though this is much dependent on the phase of the fall you are in. Also in trend is metallic looks for outfits and accessories that were quite in vogue in summer and spring and continue to inspire designers for fall and winter collections, as well.

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