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Fashion Spotlight: Fendi Spring Summer 2015 Looks We loved

Our team always has a liking for Fendi, mainly because they probably know how to renovate and make the most of every season with the right twists. Quote obvious, the Fendi Spring Summer 2015 collection was worth waiting for. There were quite few things we liked this time, but here are the top picks by the editor with ideas on how you can add them to your closet.

Lovely orchids

A touch of the lovely orchids: Flowers and floral for the spring aren’t very groundbreaking, but yes, Fendi knows how to get things in the right style. For the spring collection, they decided to go for orchids, and we loved the look to the T. What’s more interesting is the use of colours, and the brand didn’t limit the orchids to the dresses and have used it even for jackets that had the moto element. If daisy isn’t your taste for the season, this is something you just cannot ignore.

See-through skirt

The see-through skirt with a twist: Skirts were all over the Fendi Spring Summer 2015 collection, but what we loved is the see through fabric that seemed like a real pleasure to the eyes in different colours. There was the essential black for sure, but there were other colours like grey and prints, which worked wonders. If you can spot, you will find the tuxedo stripes around the calf, which added more like a statement to the entire look. That’s something we loved and expect to be in vogue. You can take the trend home in two ways- either take the fabric’s peek-a-boo design or take the stripes- the choice is yours.

Strappy sandals

Back to strappy sandals: The number of strappy sandals at Fendi was huge, and there were many looks to love. The first one is the flat pair that kept things simple while some shoes had the rubber platform sole with the spike heel. The idea is to get in style with the straps, but the brand left the choice of heel to the wearer. If you are not keen on heels this time, this is something you may want. The shoes work perfectly with skirts and dresses, especially when you allow the game of the sandals to show up.

Among the other trends that we saw, the caging of some looks and outfits worked wonders. Also, we saw the pop up style handbags that came with a miniature version. The good thing is the fact that two colours of the bags didn’t match, and the miniatures were equally different. For those who love mixing and matching colours, there is nothing like taking the colour combo of the bags ahead. Make sure to try as many choices as you can, because although there weren’t too many bright shades at Fendi Spring Summer 2015, we loved the subtlety. There is always something to pick from every look, even if you are not a fan of every trend. For sure, the pick remains those sandals that we loved for being casual and simple.

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