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Fashion Shopping Mistakes Worth Avoiding – Part 2

In our last post, we had talked of a few fashion shopping mistakes that many girls make. Continuing with the same, we take a closer look on how fashion can be varied and yet without too much of spending. We would like to add here that all views here are based on discretion, so we insist you check your shopping tendencies before thinking of the below mentioned as mistakes.

Avoid Buying only on trends

Avoid Buying only on trends: While being trendy is always cool, but watch what you buy! Most girls end up shopping things they don’t own or are simply in trend, but that’s the wrong concept from the start. What you need is to buy clothing and accessories that actually work for the body type you have. Owning new things is welcome, but going by trends all the time is like following fashion without knowing what works for you.

Avoiding the practical brands

Avoiding the practical brands: Some brands are designer and expensive, and there are some essentially stylish, but effectively priced. For example, Levis, Zara and UCB are some of the few brands that are not overpriced, and yet when you wear their stuff, you can make a statement. In terms of choices, the ideal brands for someone may not work for you. Find the practical brands that design clothing for your needs, and if a particular label can design clothes that fit you to the T, choose them over newer designs, especially for the pricy investments.

Avoid under-spending on handbags

Avoid under-spending on handbags: Most women are inclined to buying quality shoes, which is quite justified because the health of the feet is under the scanner. However, your handbags are equally important. You need to find bags that are worthy of the brand they represent, and if possible, try and own at least a couple of high quality bags. If you don’t support leather, it is quite okay because quality matters here and leather is not merely the only choice. Handbags, when chosen in the right way, can make even a mediocre dress look well.

Avoid collecting cheaply priced jewellery

Avoid collecting cheaply priced jewellery: Jewellery is always worth the look, and often, you can add zing to any attire with the right thing. However, when you are not buying gold or diamond, it is best to invest in quality things. No wonder the flea market has a lot of stuff, but semi precious jewellery from a good brand is more valuable and creates a much needed class appeal. Also, too many things on the same look can be confusing, and often a single piece of fashion jewellery can do the trick. It is also important that you buy jewellery items that can be used for all kinds of clothing, instead of buying cheaply priced pieces matched with every outfit.

Avoid overlooking your belts

Finally, avoid overlooking your belts. A nice belt can change the whole appeal, and if you have been using belts just to hold the pants, think again. There are designer labels that can be afforded and is worth the price.

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