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Fashion Mistakes Every Girl Should Avoid

Fashion is all about what you like to wear, the choices in trends and making the most of what is there in the closet. Yet, some of the fashionistas we know end up committing mix-ups mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, they simple went overboard with an experiment, and secondly because they didn’t know the basics. While you should never have a rule book for sure, these are fashion slip-ups that are best avoided.

Revealing tad too more

Revealing tad too more: Showing off skin is like an art, which is best mastered with the concept of ‘less is more’. Avoid too much of skin if you are attempting to showcase your newly toned body. Also, the balance has to be right, which means you either show the upper part of the body, the back or the legs. You don’t do things together for skin show ever, because that indicates trying to be a wannabe that you are not!

Having a single statement

Having a single statement: As we age, our style choices should evolve, if not totally change. If you are someone, who has been doing the same thing over the years, it’s likely that you are doing it wrong. The hairstyle you sported in the teens isn’t valid now, and the clothes you wore in your 20s need some update for the 30s. You have to appreciate your body and current looks at the first place before you can pick the fashion ideas that can work.

Choice of fabrics

Choice of fabrics: The way a look translates into something better depends much on the materials of the clothing. Most women tend to ignore that part of their styling. Keep in mind that some fabrics, like cotton, usually works well for the top, no matter what you are wearing on the bottom, but all materials don’t really show up in that way. For example, if you are wearing lace, you know all the attention will be on the material, so the blend has to be equally great.

Overdoing accessories

Overdoing accessories: When it comes to accessories, look back again to the rule we talked initially- ‘less is more’. Instead of using too much of bling for a look, it is best to stick to that one item that can turn into a classic for the entire getup.  Opt for statement neckpieces, rings and bracelets that can be a highlight for the getup, without the focusing pass on too many things for the onlooker.

Getting more for work

Getting more for work: We have to thank the designers and style experts for coming up with innovative styles that work for the workplace, and yet, work style needs to be done with care. While you can always experiment, take your time to draw a line. Even the most fun conceptual offices have some norms when it comes to dressing, and it’s best not to wear something that is raunchy or overdone for work. Balancing is the act here, and you need to understand the things that don’t really put up for the workplace.

Happy styling sans the mistakes!

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