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Fashion Hack Tips for Change in Daily Looks- Part 1

We always recommend that fashion is not about big brands and designer labels. Sometimes, a few good tricks and some quirky ideas can do it all. The pre-fall 2015 collections are around, and we intend to look at them soon, but before we move ahead, we thought of coming across some good hacks. These are fashion hacks that give a quick update to your look, and we insist that you give these a try, given that the investment and pricing quotient can be low, minimal or even nil.

Turn heads with a bright hat

Turn heads with a bright hat: With the winters on and the summer trends of 2015 showing some essentially classy prints and mono colour outfits, having that one coloured hat can change the game for you. There are all kinds of hats that you will find in the market, but we are talking of that standout colour that can work with the overall one coloured outfit you have or the complete black suit for a boring day at work. This trick works when you want to make a statement and yet not overdo the same by any means.

Replace those tights and chinos

Replace those tights and chinos: Chinos have been around for the longest time, and to be precise, the fashion police have been quite liberal with the trend. The same goes for those slacks and tights that come in more prints than what we have seen in gingham so far, and that’s where we seek a replacement. The tights can make way for skinny denims, which have been overlooked and lying idle in one corner of the closet. Check for designs in new rugged skinny denims and some throw away trends, which are around the online stores for the longest time.

Don’t hang in the purse

Don’t hang in the purse/handbag: Your handbag is always fun, but you can avoid hanging it for a while. The new hack is to look for a purse that can be switched and used like a clutch. We have seen many of the models do the same, and we believe this is quite a doable thing at the first place. Check for the round designs that have been around the spring summer 2015 trends, or you can even take the sling bag like a clutch for a change. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the size of the handbag, which should not be too large.

Just hang the scarf

Just hang the scarf: We love to tie the scarf around the neck and have endless ways that can go in changing the way the scarf looks. We have a small change here- just hang the scarf like it does on the hanger. You won’t even realize that the scarf itself is quite an accessory to have around the neck. When you are wearing a single coloured pullover, try for a mixed print scarf and vice versa. Even the close and near similar shade of scarf and sweater/coat or even the dress can be quite a match.

Keep an eye here as we decode some more fashion hacks for your daily looks!

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