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Fall Fashion Trends Revisited: Know More on Style

As we cruise through the best trends of the season, we bring you some interesting choices for the ongoing fall season. While there are no banal choices, may be you can take a cue for some styled dressing at the next party.

Over-Thigh Boots

Over-Thigh Boots: Well, when you see Beyonce performing on stage wearing those ‘over the thigh’ boots for the ‘The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour’ in New York, you know that’s something that you want to replicate. She was wearing a Pucci pair of boots, but if you love the style, there are many more brands and designers to explore.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts: The Autumn Winter 2013 collection from Calvin Klein had quite a few number of stunners, and among all of that, pleated skirts are something that got the most attention. While this is something is old for the season, considering it was back in the February, the choice remains with most of the fashion lovers. Complete the look with a moto style jacket, and there is a lot of appreciation waiting for you.


Hats: This season, we have talked a lot of beanie hats, and we cannot stop raving about the newly found classy look. There are a lot of looks and designs that you can choose from, and the best thing about beanies is the fact that you can wear it with almost everything. Choose to pair the hat with an overcoat or simply with the dress for cool looks for the office and parties.

Masculine Fabrics

Masculine Fabrics: None of the fabrics and materials you see in the market is meant for just men. At the Chanel collection this July, there was some interesting use of masculine and menswear fabrics for women, which is more than just an innovation. While you get more confidence in the looks, the design and style works well for all kinds of office and formal looks. Again, a lot of clues can be derived from the idea, and the looks can be fantabulous.

Green and more green

Green and more green: If there is one colour that you find hundreds of shades for the fall, it has to be green. There is a lot among the shades, each of which gives you the chance to explore and take chances. Despite the fact emerald green and olive green are our favourites; we leave the task of choosing the best one to you!

Oversized coats

Oversized coats: This is one trend that has repeated itself in more ways than one. The best designs came from Michael Kors, but there are many interesting interpretations from others, as well. Warm and extremely cosy, these large and stylish coats can be a good bet for the season when you know the weight is on the plus side.


Leather: Needless to mention, leather is what we are talking for the entire season. There are coats, swimwear, boots and every other design that you can think of, but we focus more on dresses and skirts. Choose the right look and design, and leather is always an eternal investment.

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