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Fall Fashion: Things to try and avoid in 2012

The fall fashion trends can be tricky, but let’s not forget the fact that you can be at your versatile best in this season. Style trends have passed from one generation to another, and every year, our fashion experts and designers come up with a series of trends that we consider to be new, but are actually reflection of what has been tried before. Here are some fall fashion trends you should and shouldn’t follow in 2012.

What to try:


Image Source: Glamour

  • Be at your flexible mode this year. Pair up those light woolen sweaters with skirts or simply carry knitwear in color tone. The idea is to blend the colors rightly, and for the same, you need to make sure that colors aren’t in extreme contrast.
Bedazzled collar

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  • The classy designing collar is the flavor of the season. If you are willing to avoid going extremely glamorous, you can choose a simple shirt with highly glossy collar. The bedazzled collar is working wonders in this season.
Loose t-shirt

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  • This is the season when you can try getting a little more in the comfort zone. Instead of looking for the perfect fit, try and wear something that’s easy to your body. Most of us make hell out of the term called fitting, and it’s time to break the jinx.
Blue Leggings

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  • Get a few pair of leggings and jeggings in black and blue. Black is more preferable that it does add more value to the outfit you wear. Whether you are wearing an Indian Kurta or a simple overcoat that you have in the closet, a black legging can be the right way to accentuate it.
Floral Dress Fall

Image Source: Glamour

  • Complete pattern dresses are exactly in fashion for all the good reasons. You can try a checked dress or can try something as feminine as floral prints, the choice is yours. You can wear a well matched heels or pumps for the classy fashionable look.

What to avoid?

  • Avoid wearing pumps and ballerinas all the while, and instead, you need those heels. We stated in the past how neon heels made a mark in the summers, and the bright shoes are still in trend. Just shun those dark colored boots and sandals that are meant for the fall and winter.
  • While we have stated that creating a uniform look is important, you must avoid falling for the conventional trap. You can try any kind of combination like teaming wine colors with bright shades and mixing a few prints for a new look.
  • If you have been wearing the peplum styled tops and dresses in the spring and summer of 2012, you don’t need to shun them in the fall season. Just be as adaptable as you are, and you will find that there is so much to do with the peplum look, both in and off the office.

With these fashion trends, your style quotient will surely take a leap. After all, fashion is all about sensibilities, and for that you don’t need a million.

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