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Fall 2016 trends from Paris Fashion Week – Part 2

In our last post, we were all focused on Paris Fashion Week, and as we mentioned, we didn’t quite have enough of it. Let’s move on, and we have more ideas from the runways, which can be immensely great for your closet shopping.

Layering art

Layering art: Dresses for fall got a complete makeover as they were used over turtle necks, blouses, and sweaters to create a more seasonal look. The designs were completely fun to check, especially when you manage to create a matched look. Steal some ideas from top names like Carven, H&M, Kenzo and Lanvin. The good thing is you can play around colours and materials, so even if you don’t match things, the looks can be varied. With just three dresses and three varieties of turtle necks and sweaters, you can pretty much create a special look for every day of the week.

Suited Well

Suited well: It seems that suits are the new age fashion staple, the designs that have been created for every single occasion. This was also a major trend at Milan Fashion Week, so when we do a round-up of the best trends for fall 2016, you will surely find this trend. If you want to invest in something extravagant on this list, this is the one you need. Some of the designers worth checking include Balenciaga, H&M, Lanvin and Alexis Mabille. Keep an eye on the use of materials and designs, starting from velvets to stripes.

The leopard is back

The leopard is back: It has been a while that we had seen leopard prints come in their classic style on the runways, and fall 2016 brings that back. This was one of the major highlights for the much coveted fashion week, starting from skirts to coats and handbags. Givenchy had great outfits while Mugler and Maison Margiela had skirts and Louis Vuitton had handbags. If you are looking for something more colourful, Acne is the choice you need. Make sure to focus on one accessory or outfit item at a time, as you can bring more gravitas to the look. And to enhance your pre existing wardrobe, you can visit THE ICONIC for the most stylish and latest collection.

Caped up

Caped up: Well, for some time now, capes have been making rounds in fashion shows, and it is rather an inspiring trend because it’s fresh and new. Capes were seen in fall 2015, and for 2016 too, you will see plenty of them, more meant to be your staple for everyday outings. Some of the best designs were seen at names like Valentino, Sonia Rykiel, and Andrew Gn. However, if you think you don’t want minimal ideas, you can try something as fun and happening as seen at Chloé. ‘Inspired from Cape’ ideas can be seen at Maison Margiela among others. Capes, when chosen rightly, can be used even for work places, so you must know the art of balancing.

With this, we come to an end of fashion from fall 2016, from the fashion weeks. We will try to bring some more series on other elements of the fall, so we insist you come back for more. Your fashion journey has just begun!

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