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More Fall 2016 Trends From Milan Fashion Week

In our last post, we were talking of the best trends from Milan Fashion Week for fall 2016. Sans wasting any time, here are the fun trends that we haven’t included in the last post. Time for some fashion goals!

For the love of animals

For the love of animals: One of the best trends on the runways for fall 2016 was animal motifs. Amazingly creative, designers worked with all kinds of ideas and references, starting with prints to hints. The good thing is you can be a cat person or a tiger at the same time. Some of the top names you want to check for this include Dolce & Gabbana, For Restless Sleepers and Gucci. Make sure that you experiment with the colours and play around new prints, so ideally you wouldn’t mind spending a tad more.

Show off

Show off: Lingerie-inspired clothing was a big hit on the runways for spring 2016, and the trend continues for the fall too. The idea is to show off the intimate stuff keeping a balance, and it would much more fun. From showing off the corset-inspired dresses to even more daring designs, you can do a lot more. Some of the designers worth checking include Prada, Missoni and Aquilano Rimondi. Get set for an engaging time with these dresses and outfits.

Suited well

Suited well: There was a time when women would reserve the best suits for a formal meeting. Come 2016, you will see a lot of changed, altered and modified suits, which have been created for style. These designs are not intended to be formal, but what you get is style and balance at the same time, and there’s something to take from the runway for every kind of outing. For a few ideas, you need to check the collections of Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Gucci, and Bottega Veneta. If you haven’t explored customized suits, as yet, this can be the perfect time to indulge.

Shine on

Shine on: One of the major trends from the fashion week was the coming of shine and bling ideas. From sequins to embellishments, there was something for every kind of buyer. The good thing is there is nothing that can be termed to be ‘over the top’. Yet, everything tends to balance itself in the right way, making it among our favourites this season. Some names to check include Aquilano Rimondi, Gucci and Jil Sander.

Plaid now

Plaid now: If summers were all about stripes, fall 2016 will be all about plaid, and it will be everywhere, which calls for buying something right now. Bold colours, bigger checks and unusual matches, plaids on the runway are different and that certainly create an impact. Some of the names you would want to see include Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani and Gucci. If you haven’t purchased a plaid outfit or a suit as yet, you need to check for a custom one now!

In the next two posts, we will be talking of the best trends from Paris Fashion Week, so keep an eye on this space for more.

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