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Evergreen Fashion Rules That Never Fail

Fashion trends come and go, but how many trends can claim to be evergreen? With fashion experts bringing in new trends every season, it remains tough to keep up with the trends as often that might mean new investments every time. Here are some evergreen styles and rules that can do wonders, no matter which era and season is in.


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  1. Must have dark pair of sunglasses: Bulky and large dark pair of sunglasses is must haves for men and women alike. Whenever you feel like taking a day off from makeup or try to get away those sleepless and puffy eyes, these sunglasses come to your rescue. Not to forget, you can never get wrong with styling.

    Little Black Dress

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  2. Must have little black dress: When it comes to LBD, you can by no means go erroneous. The best thing is you have plenty of variations in the little black dress, and choices include designer wear and simple regular dresses. You can wear one for a cocktail party or even for a corporate event. With the right accessories, this is the trend that always works.


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  3. Must have apparels in denims: From a denim jacket to a pair of jeans, denims are always about fashion. Ever since the first denims were invented, there have been a lot of changes in the colours and trends, but the fabric remains in vogue forever. You can choose anything for a light coloured jacket to a regular pair of blue denims, the choice is yours, but make sure that you invest in this one.
  4. Must know the different attitude: When you know you can sport an attitude, you don’t need to be the perfect pinup girl or the handsome hunk. Always keep an eye on what makes you look good, and for that matter, you don’t actually need to invest in the right. Even a little change to the regular attire can do wonders.

    Strappy Shoes

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  5. Must have colourful and strappy shoes: Women love shoes in straps, and like them or not, these shoes and sandals return to the runways time and often. From the brightest pinks to the most elegant burgundy shades, you can always wear a pair and be comfortable and confident about your look.

    Supports Being Vegan

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  6. Must make a stand point: How often do you make a point with fashion? Yes, try wearing something that supports vegetarianism or something is against leather and fur, and you can make a difference. Our celebs support different causes time and often with fashion, and that’s the best way that you can make sure you have a vision. Create a cause, get the t-shirt printed and make a note!

Next time you don’t know what to wear and where, you don’t need to buy stuff. Keep your basics clear, and you will never feel the urge to be extra glamourous. After all, no one is born glamourous but it’s the fashion choices that make you what you are. Check the style rules and be your own fashion diva!


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