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The Most Essential List for a Perfect Spring!

Trends are all fun and worth looking forward to, but there is no denying that some essentials are not limited to one season. We thought why not do a post that would combine the essentials for a particular season? In this special post, we will start with spring! Here are the things you just cannot miss for spring, no matter the year and trending ideas.

Go floral

Go floral: Alright, many may say that floral for spring is passé and boring, but this is easily one of the few ideas that always keeping coming back. What you need for the spring is a nice all floral dress. The colours should be a mix of bright and muted tones, while the print type should be anything that suits your persona. Some girls have a thing for small floral prints but others like big flowers right on their dress. Take your pick, and if you like the idea, keep two varieties for two days of the week.

Go for wide legged pants

Go for wide legged pants: Palazzos are amazing for the spring and offer the much needed room and comfort. The best thing about wide legged pants is the fact that you can wear any colour and yet make the most of the look. As for the top, you can choose all kinds of loose shirts, feminine blouses or anything that comes with buttons. Wide legged pants undoubtedly look better on tall and lean women, but if you know how to twist classics to suit your tastes, you will love this idea!

Go for stripes

Go for stripes: One of the leading trends for spring 2016 was striped tops, skirts and dresses, but this isn’t new. Stripes are essentially the best things about spring, and the trend keeps repeating itself every other season. From a coordinated cropped top and skirt to a complete dress, there are all kinds of choices that you can check, depending on your budget.

Go bright

Go bright: There are many accessories that a girl can own, but nothing beats the fun of an accenting accessory. Look for bright and mono coloured accessories like handbags, statement neckpieces, bracelets and earrings to add some charm to your look. Make sure that you focus on just one accessory at a time; else the look can get chaotic. With the right kind of mix, you can create something new for every single outing.

Go white

Go white: From a white suit to a regular button down shirt, there can be many choices for a white look in spring, but having neat clean attire is a must. Complete white can always leave the scope for a washout look, and that’s where you can have to make the most of accessories. Make sure to experiment with bold shoes and handbags, especially for formal looks, while for casual days, you can keep it simple with statement jewellery.

In the next post, we will talk of fall essentials, so keep an eye on this space for more fun fashion ideas.

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