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Effective Styles for Spring Summer of All Years- Part 2

The spring summer sandals are fun, and we have started the series where we talk of some of most common yet riveting options in summer shoes that you would want to have. In the first part, we talk of minimal designs, natural looks and the coming of pink shade as options for all years to come, and we are looking at more for the second part. Here are some more ideas for the spring shoes that you can buy and be happy about.

Go by the tribal motif


Go by the tribal motif: It is not new to find that many of the designers and brands have been hit by the tribal motif in the last few years, and the trend started off with clothing and moved to shoes, belts and much more. If you haven’t owned a pair of shoes that has the tribal motif, you are already missing on some great things. The tribal designs come in a variety of motifs, and you can always find something minimalistic and basic to go for. Starting from the shoes that come with small beads to shoes with fringes as the rare element of style, the choices are varied. Some of the tribal prints can be in animal prints, as well, so take a note.

The love for studded ideas

The love for studded ideas: Studded shoes have a world of their own. You can always love the different choices of colours and patterns, and the amount of studs you want on the shoes can be limited or maximized, as the design may please you. Some of the studded pairs are easy on the pocket, and you can love flats, heels and platforms in such style. Many girls love the stud idea for parties and for creating a boho look, which is quite admirable when you want to go a little hippy. Check a few of the online stores, and you will find endless designs, even pairs at discounts and within your small spring budget.

Embellished shoes for some glamour

Embellished shoes for some glamour: The embellished designs can be stylish and feminine at the same time, and the embellishment level can be as you desire. From the high end shoes from known designers to simple designs with motifs, most girls like wearing these shoes. The only thing you want to remember is the love for investment as such shoes when bought from cheap markets or street shops can mean a shabby look. This is one type of spring shoes that you would want to indulge in and make sure that you have a pair of designer items. The online fashion retailers may have a discount or two to offer, so do check for your favourite brand.

Shoes, shoes and shoes- someone had nicely said that girls can never have enough of shoes. If you haven’t thought of making a bucket list, we hope the list clears some air for you. Go ahead with shopping and start owning one pair for each style, so you have something new and stylish for all seven days of the week!

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