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“Dress”ing up for the Summers

Summers call for a cool and breezy style. In the season of the sun, it is best to keep it light and colourful. So, which kind of outfit works well for the summer? Why! Dresses of course! These are light, breezy and casual- the perfect outfit for summer. You can opt for short formal dresses or informal ones, depending upon the occasion, but a dress in summer never fails to comfort or impress!

However, it is essential that you get the colour of the dress light. Dark colours do not work well at all in summers. They not only do not look good but are also uncomfortable. You have to keep the makeup as light as possible too. So you really got to select the dress very carefully. Let’s look at few styles with dresses that you can try out this summer:

A little sun for the season of sun

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A little sun for the season of sun: Yellow is the brightest colour for the summers. They go well in this season, especially during the daytime. This wrapped dress with a deep neck is the perfect way to raise some heat during the summers. The casual bow adds a cute touch to the entire outfit and makes it the perfect dress to wear on a lunch with your girlfriends. You can team up the gorgeous wonder with red wedged heels and a red clutch. Keep the makeup simple and light.

Cause stripes are in this summer


‘Cause stripes are in this summer: This pretty little off shoulder dress makes an excellent choice for the summers. Blue vertical stripes on a white background, gives the dress a definite simplicity, which in itself is so attractive. You can team it up with sandals with a little heel. Go for a small leather bag of light colour to complete the look. Do not forget to step out in the sun without the shades! Wayfarer styled shades work the best with this look.

Its time for some floral prints

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It’s time for some floral prints: Light but bright floral prints are well suited for summers. This short pleated dress is the perfect chic style that you can try out this summer. You can team it up with bright small stone earrings and pull your hair back in a tight horse tail. Wear flats, preferably in solid colours. Carry a cute little leather sling bag with this outfit.

Conversing in summer

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Conversing in summer: Converses are the most comfortable shoes to wear in the summers. This short straight cut stripped dress is the perfect one for a casual summer afternoon. You can accessorise it with a statement pendant and glam it up a little with a nice watch and a bag. Shades are a must for this outfit.

Yours Formally,Summer

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Yours Formally, Summer: If you want to keep it formal in the summers, then go for this light pink short halter dress. The cool side pocket makes it really handy too. You can team it up with a leather bag or a small clutch. Cream coloured stilettos work best for this ensemble.

No matter how you dress up, do not forget your shades and putting on some screen before you step out of the house. The trick is to wear light and feel light during the summer days!

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