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Cropped Sweater for the Spring- More Ideas – Part 2

Spring fashion is always about style in a fresh way, and among the funkiest things you can own is the classic cropped sweater. The cropped design is all about glamour in a loud way, especially when you choose bright shades and go for the quirky ideas that we have enlisted in this series. Here are some great ideas for the spring season in mind and some great ways to carry off the cropped essential!

As a layer

As a layer: Layering is always cool and effortless in more ways than one, and when you don’t want the sweater to be the centrepiece of attraction, get it inside the coat or any other layering item. The sudden sync of many things, starting from the shirt to tee, sweater and jacket makes for a perfect combo. Layers might seem like overdone for the spring, but it is much about the materials you choose.

With wide legged pants

With wide legged pants: Wide legged pants are always stylish and in recent times, we have seen palazzo pants come to the forefront in prints, monochrome colours and much more. The cropped sweater with wide legged trousers is a killer combination, much in the street style. As a matter of choice, you can go for soft colours for some subtlety or simply opt for pop colours.

With a plaid skirt

With a plaid skirt: Plaid skirt is something very feminine and anyone looks stunning in the right design. The cropped sweater has been used the plaid skirt for the spring season of 2014, and we believe that the design will not go anywhere. You can go for a complete matched look on the tailored way like with suits, or else, go for the mix and match style. The gingham or the check prints in skirts are quite in vogue, which can be matched easily with the single colour sweaters.

With peplum top

With peplum top: Peplum tops are meant for the skinny ladies, because unless you have the perfect figure, you can end up looking odd. The best way to make the peplum look a tad easier to the eyes is to go for the cropped sweater. While this is not the only way to look cool, but using a cropped sweater certainly sets off the entire attraction from the mid area. Go for the simple printed peplum prints and match it with simple one coloured sweater.

With a cargo jacket

With a cargo jacket: The look is all pleasing for the spring when the cropped sweater is used like a top underneath a cargo jacket. Go for cargo jackets that are slightly on the oversized note, which certainly look better with a fitted sweater. Again, the contrast is quite the key here, and you will love the look even when the summer times are close. The jacket should ideally not be very heavy for the season, keeping the spring in mind.

Start with your cropped sweater look right now and get something new for more colours and options for each look. Minimal fashion can often be the new cool for the coming year!

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