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Cool Summer Shoe Picks from the Spring Summer 2014 Trends

We have talked of the spring summer trends and how the different designers have new things on the runways and collections for the trend lovers around the globe. For this post, let’s talk of the summer shoe picks that are more practical and make sense for the various occasions and events we attend from time to time.

White Shoes

Get a pair of white shoes: Seen at the collections of many designers, a pair of white shoes seems like the most needed summer essential. The good thing about white is its ability to transform from the office mode to the casual day mode for a brunch. There are all sorts of designs, but a special mention for the pointy shoe designs that have been all around the places. Pick one from your favourite brand or simply stick to the street markets and online stores.

Cut-out wedges

Get a pair of Cut-out Wedges: Stylish and practical, Cut-out Wedges are the best things to own because you can actually wear them anywhere but formal occasions. There are all kinds of cut-out wedges, and there is something for every lady out there. The only thing is you won’t find the cut-out wedges everywhere, but there are only a few brands that make such innovative designs, mostly out of wood or specific materials.

Printed Shoes

Get a pair of printed shoes: Laced and mostly in the style of the designs like leopard and snake prints, these shoes are love to the eyes and easy to the feet. You can pick one that can be the choice for casual days or even for a leisurely walk. The printed shoes are often in line with the current trends, and for now, the animal prints in their natural colours are quite a rage. If you haven’t owned a pair of animal print shoes, this is the apt option. As always, we ask you to steer clear of leather and look for other options in hand.

Neon Heels

Get a touch of Neon Heels: Neon may not seem to be overwhelming, but this is a good trend to keep. The design doesn’t need to go totally florescent, but you need colour trims that can work for the designs rightly. Don’t opt for colour block but the light sheath like design with little colour. Neon shoes are great for the casual occasions, but when it comes to work, avoid them by all means. After all, sometimes we need a break from same old school styling.

Coloured Sandals

Get a pair of block coloured sandals: A dash of colour with the right shades- that’s what block colour designs are all about. There are different combinations of colours, and each pair of sandals is easy to mix and match. As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to always contest, but even contrasts can do great for an ensemble look. From the choice of pink and white to more block choices of black and red. Make sure to opt for a pair with maximum contrast.

Stay in style as always and start shopping right now!

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