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Cool New Ways to Wear the Cropped Sweater- Part 1

If you haven’t found a liking for cropped sweaters, we assure that after this series, you will be looking to buy a few. We have done a post on how you can wear the spring sweater, but the cropped sweater is an all new world together. Effortlessly class and genuine retro and reminiscent of the 90s, you can always wear the sweater in many ways, including some easy style fixes. Check the cool and smart ways to adopt the cropped sweater for the coming season.

Bare the midriff

Bare the midriff: The simplest style to get the cropped sweater in action is to go for the midriff look. Wear a pencil skirt or even a skinny pair of denims and let the cropped design be the only accessory, where you show off your stylish and effortless midriff in action. Quite obviously, there is nothing like having a perfect figure for this look, and, therefore, you might want to hit the gym for those ‘fab abs’.

With a button down shirt

With a button down shirt: A long and stylish button down shirt is always an obvious choice for the spring, and you can change the way it looks with a cropped sweater. Don’t go for matching because the contrasting style should work well for all Fashionistas. As for the lower part, go for shorts or miniskirts to show those sassy legs. The mix of the long shirt or blouse with the sweater is a style to kill for. Complete the look with a nice pair of ankle boots.

With a smart summer dress

With a smart summer dress: With a pair of ankle boots and a white or monochrome dress, you can wear the cropped sweater for a statement of your own. Summer dresses and sweaters are like a perfect combo, which works well when you team the best accessories, like a pair of glares, a matching statement neckpiece and a few stacked up bracelets. White is always obvious colour, but pastels from the last season are worth checking, as well.

With skinny denims

With skinny denims: Cropped sweater with a nice shirt and a pair of black skinny denims is like first love. Always stick to the contrast code for this one, so black skinny denim with a nice white shirt and contrasting black sweater is about going back school. For such a simplified look of a diva, you don’t need any accessories, except for a good shoulder bag or a sling bag for quick styling.

With printed high waist trousers

With printed high waist trousers: Coupled with high waist trousers, cropped sweaters are a stylish look altogether. You can wear such sweaters with all kinds of printed pants, starting from the animal print designs to the checks and even the gingham, which is the new print on the block for spring summer 2015. Matching again is not the key, but surely a bright sweater is always a fashionable trend to go, especially when you choose pop up colours.

In the next part, it’s more on the cropped sweater in new ways and styles. Get going right now!

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