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Check the Three Hottest Bags Trends For Fall 2012

Handbags and bags can make a style statement alone, and what makes buying handbags a safe decision is the fact that the trends don’t change as often like it changes in dresses and apparels. For the year 2012-2013, there has been a sudden shift in handbag trends. From the safe trend of carrying small clutches, the trend has shifted to some unique style statements that have made fashion enthusiasts glow with happiness. Here, three hottest bag trends have been discussed in detail.


#Trend 1The IT Backpack: If you are willing to get away from those roomy bags and cross body handbags, it is the time you check the IT backpack trend that has made way to almost all fashion circuits. From the fashion point of view, you are on the safe side as this bags work with almost everything. You can wear a pair of simple shorts and tops with such a backpack for quick styling. Whether you are out with a bunch of friends or want to take a day off for shopping, you can take such a bag anywhere and in style! Not to forget, you don’t need millions to buy these backpacks as most of these will cost you less than 100 dollars. Check online shopping sites for finding these styles.

Bright Bags

#Trend 2Bright handbags: When it comes to colors, most people play safe with classy colors such as red, black, beige and white, but this year is a year of color. You can break the jinx with some amazing color choices such as orange, pink, fuchsia or even bold green. Bright handbags in either cross bodied style or backpack style is highly popular among the youngsters, and like the trend mentioned above, you can get something that’s well within your budget. There are no limits to colors this season, so get colored (read dressed) in style!

Tiny Bag

#Trend 3Chained Tiny Bags: If you love small bags and are fond of the cross bodied style, you can try embellished styled chained bags, which are small in size. Just look for bright colors here again, because there is nothing inspiring about getting those old colors. Chains of your handbag straps can be either golden or silver in color. There are many options in small prices, so you can plenty of styles and materials to play with.

Fashion trends in bags have undergone huge changes as we have mentioned, and there are many other trends that are making headlines. You can also try fur bags that are quite popular, and if you don’t like fur bags that much, there is an option of fur trimmed bags. Fashion experts suggest that you keep a few expensive handbags in your closet, and when it comes to experimenting, buy items that are trendy and straight out of the streets. Bags and handbags can be immensely useful in creating a personalized style statement, and if you know the art of blending street and ramp fashion, you already master the art of making rules of your own.


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