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Check on the First Few Clothing Trends of Spring 2015

Our last post on accessories for Spring 2015 has already given an insight on how breezy and happening the new and coming season is going to be. While we will have a lot on shoes, accessories and more in days to come, we wanted a fresh spring take on the clothing section. Some of the trends are yet to be magnified on a huge scale, but yes we have certainly spotted a few highs. Here are the first elements of Spring-2015 at a glance.

Sheer trend

The beauty of the sheer: Easily the best thing one can like is the coming of sheer, but this time the designers have gone way too way with the looks. We have long skirts that are completely in sheer with plenty of colours, starting from black to white, to pick from. For the lady who likes to show off her skin with some essence in the spring sun, this is worth a take. The designers who worked with the trend include Marios Shawab and Joseph among others, but you can be assured to find these designs in online stores, as well.


Get more with the polo: If you have loved the crop top that was spotted in last spring, this time you can emerge cool with some polo designs. What is interesting is the element of sport, which means there is still a lean on the sportswear. However, most designers have taken their own imagination to a new level, so at Hugo Boss, we saw some more soft cut to the collar for that feminine appeal. No wonder why you would need to go beyond the basic polo this spring.


The fun structured blazer is back: A blazer in the spring is not a surprise for sure, but we love the structures that we saw at many shows. From going extremely oversized like J.Crew to going easier on light colours and getting simpler designs with Rag & Bone, the choices were varied. Again, at Marc by Marc Jacobs, we actually had some other elements to be seen, something that was way dressier than others. Certainly having one for the coming season seems like must.


Show more of the waist: This is something that we spotted at some names like Rosetta Getty and The Row. The idea is very clear- show of that waist worth dying for. So, if some of the trousers highlighted the waist with the amazing cut, there were other looks where a crop top with the nice matched bottom did the trick. Also, there were many designs that came with the tie-up design around the waist. Surely the message is clear- If you have it, don’t be shy to flaunt. Let’s not vouch for skin show here, because many of the designers actually did the style right with fuller looks.

This spring, the ideas and designs are not obvious trends, which make them way more desirable by all means. We will have another roundup for Spring 2015, so keep an eye on this space for more.

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