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Cheat Sheet for Every Fashionista from New York Fashion Week- Part 1

More than often, we just look at the trends and best spotting, mainly because many of the elements and things we see on the runways are often hard to imitate practically in the daily world. Keeping that in mind, we went back to the collections of New York Fashion Week and tried checking with other bloggers and experts to find the things that most girls can follow for 2015. Here are some of the best essentials with special ideas on how to get more for less- It’s all about being stylish in the realistic way!

Fur coats with pyjamas

Fur coats with pyjamas: The first thing that we want to tell here is about the use of fur, which seems to be the favourite for most designers for fall 2015. We will talk of other trends with fur, but the one that caught the most attention was the look at Michael Kors, which was about pyjamas being paired with fur coats for a luxury feel. That’s quite a good way to add glamour to the old school pyjamas, which otherwise seem not worthy enough to be worn outside the house. Again, if you are not up for fur, the faux fur ones remain a better and environmental choice.

Two jackets as one

Two jackets as one: This is a style that we picked from J.Crew. The idea is very simple- Two jackets with different lengths can be a couple for essential styling. Another style that doesn’t need a million bucks, you can try this look for the days when you want to get quality warmth and have style at the same time. The jackets don’t have to match, but two shades close to one another can be a subtle way to go ahead than having contrasting shades, which may or may not work together for the fall or darker seasons.

Back with the teddy coat

Back with the teddy coat: The big and heavy teddy beat coat is extremely warm and among the great choices for a chilly winter evening. This item was first spotted at Lacoste, and if you love experimenting, you don’t really need to worry about matching or anything. In fact, if you don’t have a teddy bear coat as yet, it might just be the right time to make an investment because from what it seems right now, this style is not going anywhere in seasons ahead.

Add the thigh high socks

Add the thigh high socks: Another look to steal from Tanya Taylor’s show at New York Fashion Week, where the designer used the thigh high pair of socks for a pair of platform sandals! This idea is to balance the beauty of the sandals and contrast it with black knee high socks, making for a stunning combination. What you only need is good quality socks that can be paired with short skirts and dresses, without looking cheap. As mentioned, black is an essential choice that works for the evenings for the day times too!

In the next part, we will talk of some more ideas taken from the different runway shows of New York Fashion Week.

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