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Change Your Style for Fall Season 2012

There was a time, when you could think of pencil heels or those platform wedges for the perfect week, but the fall season of 2012 brings you some starting choices that will surprise you in many ways. While certain styles are classic, there is no need for you to feel boring about your looks. Get away with those stilettos and boring pumps for Fall 2012 and try the ones that are mentioned below.

Hefty Heels

Look for hefty heels: If you cannot walk in stilettos, it’s the right time that you invest in those large based hefty heels. These heels offer you the freedom of adding as much height as you want, and yet, you will never be uncomfortable in your skin. For the perfect old style look, you can try such hefty heels in medium length. Hefty heels look great with dresses, and there are plenty of colors to play with.

Peep Toe Wedges

Peep toes are back in action: No matter whether you are a fan of peeptoe styled shoes or not, they are definitely trending this season. The best thing about peeptoe style is the presence of that oomph factor that makes them classy choices. We have seen many of our celebs wear this style, and the best thing that peep toe style looks great in wedges and heels alike. You can wear them with the perfect LBD or can even team them casually with jeans and T-shirt.

Cap toe shoes

Cap toe shoes: If you are not fond of heels and are more of a pump person, you can try flats and pumps that come with a cap toe. Many fashion experts have pointed their presence in varied fashion arenas. The best part of cap toe shoes is the fact that you can combine and find choices in a variety of colors. Flat shoes are considered to be uninspiring by many, but with this style, you will never feel the need to look for something else in flats. If you like bows on your feet, you can find shoes that come with thin lace bow close to the cap.

Short Boots

Get short boots: If you love those knee length high boots, it’s time for change. Ankle and short boots are a rage in this fall, and the more colors you can add, the better. From trying a magenta colored boot in suede to the classic leather ankle boot, there are many options that you can check out. Online stores should offer you plenty of options, and if you are not sure of what color you should opt for, stick to the basic shades and some uncommon shades of red.

Like many others, if experimenting is not your cup of tea, you can stick to heels and wedges, but don’t be hesitant in getting try new styles, textures and colors. There are so many new and synthetic materials that are being used that you will find plenty of choices. Style factor doesn’t depend on how expensive shoes you wear, but in the way you match and make the most of them.

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