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Best Trends in Runway Accessories for Fall 2015- Part 1

We have talked of the fall trends in one of our posts and we have also done the trends that were seen in handbags. Apart from that, what else you may have just missed from fall collections 2015? Well, we are talking of accessories. With amazing new things coming on the runways, it is impossible to avoid the trends in accessories for the upcoming season. Check the best sightings at the runways with some quick ideas if you can get the same look for less without missing on the trending styles.

Go the match-match way

Go the match-match way: We somehow didn’t talk about this trend on the post on handbags, but fall 2015 had a lot of handbags that were matched aptly with the outfit or coat. With the fall approaching, that’s a serious trend to try, and all you need to do is have two handbags that match two of your favourite clothing items. This is among the easiest trends that are worth trying, and you don’t need to look designer at all.

Back to one earring

Back to one earring: For spring 2015, we had these mismatched earrings that were seen at some of the biggest designers, and the trend seems to be replaced again with the one earring choice. The one earring thing was seen for spring 2014, and it has been used in a number of ways for a number or shows. The idea is to get that one statement piece and add it to the look to create a new appeal. Again, no big investment, and if you check the stores that sell accessories online or the flea market, you will find choices that will fit any budget.

Go big with the handbags

Go big with the handbags: Also, this is another trend from fall 2015 that was not included in our last post. The designer handbags, including backpacks and clutches, went from being big to oversized and bigger. Some of the designers that you would want to check for this trend include Philipp Plein, Moschino, and Roksanda. Try getting bigger bags for in and out of work this season, and you can be assured that this trend is not going anywhere. Keep an eye on the colours, because a lot of bright shades made way on the ramp.

Welcome the brooch

Welcome the brooch: With all those repeated trends, the coming of the brooch is such a fresh change. The fall brooches were large and had all kinds of motifs, starting from the floral designs to the alphabets and abstract art. Brooches are great ways to add an extra dimension to the outfit, and you don’t need to wait for the fall to get this one in action. This is an item that is rare to find, but usually, you will find designs in a number of online stores. With the right style for the look, you can just add the oomph factor without trying too hard for it.

In the next post, we will talk of more ideas, styles and some of the other best accessories from the runways of fall 2015.

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